Psychic medium called into find missing cat

An animal-loving family from Sprowston are so desperate to find their cat that they have enlisted the help of a psychic medium to try and contact the missing moggie.

Mini Max is a much loved member of the Green family who live at Chenery Drive in Sprowston with other rescue cats Callie, Kiescha and Sweepie, but the distinctive tabby and white cat has not been seen for more than a week.

Fears for the welfare of the nine-year-old cat are growing given that he is currently on special food and medication for urinary problems which he has now not had since the June 16 - the day he went missing.

So frantic have the family become in their efforts to trace Mini Max that they have called upon the expertise of psychic Dominic Zenden to try and help find him.

Linda Green, 53, whose son Daniel, 23, owns Mini Max, said: 'We started putting posters up last Friday night all and have put more than 400 up round the estate.

'We have put leaflets through every door on the St Margarets estate and new builds opposite Chenery Drive, but heard nothing.

'I contacted Dominic Zenden a local Psychic medium who came to visit us on Monday. He used psychometry to link into Max's energy from his blanket and belongings and feels that he is still with us and in the surrounding area. He has also visited us again on Wednesday and still feels he is close.'

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Mr Zenden, who has been a spiritualist medium for more than 25 years and has been called in to try and trace missing pets in the past.

In addition to Mr Zenden's help, Mrs Green, a mother-of-two whose daughter Rachael, 25, is a veterinary nurse, said they are also calling on people living in the area to keep their eyes peeled for the beloved pet.

She said: 'We are begging everybody to check their gardens, garages, sheds and vans/cars to see if he is about and contact us with any information possible.

'He may have strayed further afield than just Chenery Drive and St Margarets Drive, so we are asking everybody in the local area to look out for him.

'We have also added him on to facebook - Mini Max Green - and ask everybody to add him as the more people looking out for him the better. If you know anybody feeding a stray tabby and white cat please let us know.' Mini Max is microchipped and was wearing a collar when last seen which is green with blue tags.

He has four white paws, a white bib, white belly and a white tip on his tail. He also has a fractured upper canine tooth.

Anyone with information about Mini Max should call 01603 429754 or 07912 609057.

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