Private Peaceful will commemorate First World War centenary at Norwich Playhouse

Andy Daniel in Private Peaceful Credit: Jonathan Keenan

Andy Daniel in Private Peaceful Credit: Jonathan Keenan - Credit: Archant

Michael Morpurgo's Private Peaceful will be brought to life on the Playhouse stage to mark 100 years since the First World War,

Private Peaceful Credit: The National Theatre

Private Peaceful Credit: The National Theatre - Credit: Archant

The production runs from September 18 to September 21 and has been created by the award-winning Scamp Theatre company.

Morpurgo's inspiration came from a visit to a museum in Ypres where he was shocked to discover that 306 young soldiers were court-martialed and shot for cowardice during the First World War - two of them for simply falling asleep at their command posts.

In 2006, the Government finally granted posthumous pardons to these soldiers and the book sought to honour these men and their families.

Private Peaceful follows the life of Private Tommo Peaceful, a young soldier awaiting a firing squad at dawn.

The soldier, portrayed by Andy Daniel, reflects on his past life living in rural Devon and the trials and tribulations he has faced.

Private Peaceful promises to be an emotional yet educational tribute to the war with Morpurgo describing it as 'a moving experience that not only tells the story of a young soldier's final day in World War One, but perhaps more importantly conveys the strength of the human spirit'.

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The show has already received great critical acclaim for its performances and comes to the Playhouse following a successful run at the Edinburgh Fringe.

READ MORE: Musical drama steps back in time to explore conflict and comradeshipMr Daniel said: 'It is such a privilege to be coming back to perform Private Peaceful.

'Tommo is such a joyful character and playing him again feels like saying hello to an old, dear friend.

'The piece itself is incredibly special and it is so important that we continue to finding ways to educate and enlighten the younger generation about the horrors and hardships of WW1, something I think this show definitely does.

'Having said that, it is also a great piece for adults and I really think it is both relevant and engaging for audiences of all ages.'

Private Peaceful runs at the Norwich Playhouse from September 18 to 21 and you can purchase tickets (£12 adults/£10 concessions) online or by phone on 01603 598598.