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Simon ParkinAfter a string of low-key dates under the name Renegades earlier this year to work on new material, Feeder return to the UEA under their own moniker and with a new album imminent. Plus: Delays, John Cooper Clarke, Kent DuChaine.Simon Parkin


UEA, June 6

Feeder first burst onto the UK rock scene in the mid 1990's and steadily built a reputation as one of the country's best loved home grown rock acts, with no fewer than 25 hit singles under their belts, including Buck Rogers, Just The Way I'm Feeling, Tumble and Fall, they've released five top-10 albums and a well received singles collection that went double platinum.

The band - now comprising of original members Grant Nicholas and Taka Hirose, with new drummer Karl Brazil, release a new single Call Out on June 14 and their seventh studio album, Renegades, on July 5.

They worked on the new material with a string of low-key dates earlier this year in tiny venues the size of which they hadn't played in years under the name of Renegades. A free EP given away at the shows teased as to the harder direction and the response was amazing. As passionate as ever, the album, the first to be released on their own new label Big Teeth Music, sees the band returning with a renewed sense of energy. The album is noticeably more raw and stripped down than more recent efforts, but reamisn packed with melody.

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Norwich Arts Centre, June 7

Though indie-rockers the Delays scored lavish praise with their 2004 debut album, Faded Seaside Glamour, it was the follow-up Everything's The Rush, released in 2008, that really emphasised the band's sound in a grander, more cinematic direction, helped no end by the knob-twiddling of legendary producer Youth.

However despite this critical acclaim, the band - brothers Greg and Aaron Gilbert, alongside Colin Fox on bass guitar and Rowly on drums - subsequently parted company with their label and were seemingly determined to strip back their sound.

Written as a soundtrack to late night drives through the New Forest, the band say new album, Star Tiger Star Ariel, more truly reflects the depth they were after. Touches of swirling psychedelic, compulsive rhythms and haunting lyrics combine to create an album that redefines the band.

Greg Gilbert says: 'This record is about being lost, and the dream of being found. It is our most personal record.'

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Norwich Arts Centre, June 9

The legendary John Cooper Clarke returns to the Arts Centre. Since the punk days, he has been recognised as one of England's most important poets and performers.

Once a lab technician and aspiring poet in his native Manchester, the arrival of punk in 1976 inspired him. He subsequently supported many seminal punk bands including the Sex Pistols, Buzzcocks, The Fall, Joy Division, Elvis Costello and Siouxsie and the Banshees, to name but a few.

His biting, satirical, political and very funny verse, delivered in a rapid-fire Manc drawl was matched with an striking visual appearance - tall and thin with a mess of black hair, black sunglasses, drainpipe trousers and Cuban-heeled boots.

He was dubbed The Bard of Salford and given the moniker 'punk poet'. During those heady days, he recorded four studio albums, and released two live LPs. As punk began to wane in the early 1980's, his star seemed to fade a bit also and found himself struggling with a serious heroin addiction. Thankfully he has recently been re-discovered by a new generation of young fans, including the Arctic Monkeys.

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Norwich Arts Centre, June 10

Georgia-based guitarist Kent DuChaine has been playing authentic solo blues, earthy, guttural vocals and superb crunchy guitar playing on his battered old National Steel guitar - nicknamed Leadbessie - since 1968.

His love of music dates back to the age of six when he learnt to play the ukulele from his father. At 13, after getting his first electric guitar, he and a few of his buddies formed a garage band.

But it was after reading the liner notes of an Eric Clapton album, he was inspired to check out a Robert Johnson album and has never looked back.

In the 1970s he joined a band with Kim Wilson, of the present day Fabulous Thunderbirds, and backed up a host of blues greats, eventually working with Willie Dixon.

In the 1980s he established a partnership with legendary blues man Johnny Shines, recording Back to the Country with harmonica great Snooky Pryor to great acclaim. He now has six solo albums under his belt, including the Grammy nominated album Roots of Rhythm and Blues: A Tribute to the Robert Johnson Era.

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t June 4

Killerhurts (thrash/metal) - Marquee

Hollow Earth (rock) - Brickmakers

Dumbfoundas (acoustic) - Comfortably Numb

The Fall of Science + more (metal) - B2

Walkway (rock) - King Edward VII

Folk Off: feat. Halfcut Heroes + more (acoustic) - Ten Bells

Twisted Roots (Irish) - Cider Shed

NDE (rock/indie) - Blueberry

Dog Days of Summer (bluegrass/folk/rock) - Temple Bar

16th Minute (rock/ska) - Boundary

Johnny Jump (R&B) - The Nelson

t June 5

Nucleus Roots + more (reggae) - Arts Centre

Saigon Kiss (rock) - King Edward VII

Rawkus (rock) - Brickmakers

Sweethearts Dance Club: feat. James Goodwin (jive) - B2

1A Records Promo (indie/punk) - Marquee

Mr Misfit (rock) - Blueberry

Red Hot Rockers (rockabilly) - Boundary

Crumbs For Comfort + more (acoustic/indie) - Ten Bells

Talisman (acoustic) - Union St Coach & Horses

Danstar (pop/rock) - Angel Gardens

t June 6

The Dude Coopers (bluegrass) - Silver Road Cottage

Ukele Society (open mic) - Ten Bells

Lee Vasey Big Band (12pm) - Brickmakers

t June 7

The Miserable Rich + Adelaide's Cape (pop/acoustic) - Puppet Theatre

Jazz N Jam (open mic) - Blueberry

Sessions (open mic) - Brickmakers

t June 8

Promo Night (acoustic) - B2

Folk Night (open mic) - Micawbers Tavern

Blues Club (blues) - Brickmakers

t June 9

Drop Dead Dorothy (pop-punk)) - B2

Pure Acoustic (open mic) - Brickmakers

t June 10

Keane (pop/rock) - Thetford Forest

Half A Glass Promo: feat. Blighters (indie) - B2

Barefeet Record Presents (folk) - The Birdcage

Access To Music (local bands) - Brickmakers

Fingers Forrest (acoustic) - Rose Tavern

Open Jam (open mic) - King Edward VII