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Simon ParkinYT/RAGGA TWINSNorwich Po Na Na, August 21Ipswich dancehall star YT's latest album is called Born Inna Babylon, which couldn't sound more Jamaican if it tried, but in fact he is one of a group of UK dancehall stars forging a sound inspired by, but not emulating, the sound of JA.Simon Parkin


Norwich Po Na Na, August 21

Ipswich dancehall star YT's latest album is called Born Inna Babylon, which couldn't sound more Jamaican if it tried, but in fact he is one of a group of UK dancehall stars forging a sound inspired by, but not emulating, the sound of JA.

Like Italian dancehall hot property Alborosie, German artist Gentleman and even Sheffield's whizz kid producer Toddla T, he is inspired by Jamaican music rather than taking directly from it.

Born Inna Babylon includes collaborations with the legendary Daddy Freddy, dub icon Zion Train and UK hip hop star Skinnyman, has just been released.

This visit to Norwich sees him doing a guest spot at the latest Roots N Culture night at Norwich's Po Na Na, alongside jungle legends The Ragga Twins who began their careers as separate MCs for North London's legendary Unity reggae sound system.

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The duo have recently been enjoying a new lease of life with young grime, UK garage and dubstep artists and producers citing them as major influences.

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Norwich Arts Centre, August 22

Tilting Sky, those ever reliable promoters of local good vibrations, present a hot and steamy summer party cocktail of sounds and colours.

Their sunny delight will include a mixture of full band performances, acoustic shenanigans, collaborations - and covers of some classic summer hits - from the likes of The Kabeedies, the Uh Ohs, Vanilla Kick, Violet Violet and The Loyal Few. There will be a good number of special guests too.

There will be plenty of celebrated with it having been a good summer for most of the bands. The Kabeedies have made some serious waves, sending festival crowds into a frenzy at both Glastonbury and Latitude and at the Sumer Sundae event.

Vanilla Kick launched a new EP, and Violet Violet, now with a new slim-line two-piece line-up, recently released their much anticipated album, The City is Full of Beasts, on Norwich's own NROne label.

Tickets are just � 3 - a bargain for a whole evening's entertainment - in advance, but they'll go quick so be quick or you'll miss out.

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Norwich Arts Centre, August 25

After almost 20-years of using the alias Smog for his music, Bill Callahan nowadays prefers performing under his given non-de-plum. He switched after 2005's A River Ain't Too Much to Love and the follow-up Woke on a Whaleheart, both of which mixed the intimate, reflective, largely acoustic sound of later Smog albums with gospel, soul, and pop elements, and boasted arrangements by former Royal Trux mastermind Neil Hagerty.

For his new album, Sometimes I Wish We Were an Eagle, Callahan has returned to the more intimate, acoustic-based sound of latter-era Smog albums, featuring string and brass arrangements by Brian Beattie.

It's his tenderest reflection on love and loving since the Smog back-to-back classics Red Apple Falls and Knock Knock and includes sections of violins and French horns.

Support comes from Sophia Knapp, best known as a member of the Brooklyn art-folk Lights. Here she plays a solo show of gauzy, soft-focus folk.

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Norwich Arts Centre, August 26

Tipped by the likes of Zane Lowe and Huw Stephens, this emerging Newcastle indie-pop four-piece are busting with ace melodies and lyrics and are ones to watch.

Right from their debut single, One Night In October, its obvious they make sunny-hearted music that counters economic doom and gloom. It makes you want to jump with glee, while grinning at the lyric's comic observations.

Even the single's cover art advertises the tune's happy-go-lucky ebullience: "We were entirely unsupervised when we made this, can you tell?"

Eschewing the usual rock and punk pioneers, the band cite literary figures such as Jonathan Safran Foer, Seamus Heaney and Roald Dahl as their inspiration.

Such highbrow inclinations bring to mind bookish bands such as Bloc Party and Vampire Weekend. But forget twee and staid, they still have the energy and vigour of a garage band.

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t August 21

Pain Penitentiary (metal) - B2

Tendahooks (rock) - Brickmakers

Juke Box Memories: feat. Abbaqueens (50s-70s/charity) - The Talk

Clickshaft (indie/funk) - Marquee

Luna Ghost (rock) - King Edward VII

Slide (rock/indie) - Blueberry

Pete 'Kiwi' Keegan (skiffle) - The Nelson

ABC Blues Band (tribute) - Trowel & Hammer

Against The Grain (blues) - Reindeer

Split Whiskers (blues) - Walnut Tree Shades

Judi (60s) - Windmill

t August 22

The Vibrators (punk) - King Edward VII

Ska-Ta-Brain (ska) - Blueberry

Murphy's Lore (Irish) - Cider Shed

In Rapture (rock) - Club Sanctuary

Beyond Duplication ( - Reindeer

Hotwired Punk Band (punk) - The Eddie

Flying South (rock'n'roll/blues) - Lakenham Cock

NMS Promo Night - Marquee

Just Floyd (tribute) - Brickmakers

Skinny Jim & The Leopard Trio (rock'n'roll) - Boundary

Satta Sounds (ragge/jungle) - The Regal

t August 23

Floating Greyhounds ( - Boundary

Vic Salter (country/rock) - King Edward VII

Lee Vasey Big Band (12pm) - Brickmakers

t August 24

Session: feat. Emmetic + more (open mic) - Brickmakers

Jazz Jam (jazz/open mic) - Blueberry

Rampant Horse Collective (roots/folk) - Rumsey Wells

t August 25

Overdrive (rock) - Brickmakers

Acoustic Showcase (local) - B2

t August 26

Conner Manning (acoustic) - B2

The Session (Irish) - Cider Shed

Pure Acoustic (acoustic/open mic) - Brickmakers

Blues/Rock Jam (open mic) - Blueberry

t August 27

Sleeping States (folk/experimental) - Arts Centre

Spitfire (pop-punk) - B2

F-UK/Doomsday Hour/Cut The Reins (punk) - Cricketers Rest

Milkbar Promo Night (indie) - Marquee

Keno Kings (blues) - Walnut Tree Shades

Rum Keg Jump (ska) - Blueberry

Angry Beaver (rock) - Brickmakers

Cruisin' For A Bluesin' (blues) - Rose Tavern

Navi (Michael Jackson tribute) - Chicago Rock Caf�