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Simon ParkinSHORESThe Marquee, August 14Formerly known as Shores of Your Ruin - though they've since shortened their name as the previous moniker was such a mouthful that everyone called them Shores anyway - this young band, whose members hail from Norfolk and Cambridgeshire, blend progressive metal and melodic hardcore.Simon Parkin


The Marquee, August 14

Formerly known as Shores of Your Ruin - though they've since shortened their name as the previous moniker was such a mouthful that everyone called them Shores anyway - this young band, whose members hail from Norfolk and Cambridgeshire, blend progressive metal and melodic hardcore.

Formed last year 2008, the band, made up of Joe O'Donnell (vocals), Daniel Bareford (guitars), Joshua Browne (drums), Danny de Ara (guitars/vocals) and Luke Porter (bass), have recently been taking some time out from playing live, focusing entirely on writing and recording our debut album.

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This Norwich gig is something of a return to the stage and there has been a noticeable development and refinement in their sound, as evidenced by the most recent tracks posted on their Myspace site.

It has a more melodic hardcore edge, with elements of progressive rock and a good balance of hooks and choruses, than their debut EP, released last year, but still available to download.

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Live the band can be counted on to deliver a sweaty, shouty experience that involves the audience as much as the general mayhem on stage.

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Norwich Arts Centre, August 18

M�m - pronounced 'moom'- are an experimental Icelandic pop collective whose music is characterised by soft vocals, eccentric beats and colourful effects, and a variety of traditional and unconventional instruments.

Originally a duo, the band's line-up has since expanded and contracted over the past 12-years and at times has at one time or another included 20 different people along the way.

Original members Gunnar �rn Tynes and �rvar ��reyjarson Sm�rason, issued their first release in 1998. They were joined a year later by twin sisters Gy�a and Krist�n Anna Valt�sd�ttir and released two albums as a quartet.

The group's celebrated debut, Yesterday Was Dramatic, Today Is OK, was followed in 2004 by Summer Make Good, which had a darker and foggier edge and a nautical theme.

In early 2006, Krist�n also left the band, but they've since made a name for themselves as sought after re-mixers and DJs, combining decks, effects, laptops, toy microphones, old cassette player recordings and vocals, coupled with their own recorded material, strange electronic covers by friends, gypsy folk music and general craziness.

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Norwich Arts Centre, August 20

Norwich four-piece The Great Shakes headline this charity fundraising gig to raise money for the Spinal Injury Rehabilitation Centre in Nepal.

The band are notable for having decided to resist the lure of the A11 to London to concentrate on building a sizable following in their hometown. 'We went down to London very early and perhaps neglected building a local audience. London promoters seem happy to put on any band that wants a gig, then puts pressure on them to bring 30 or 40 people or they won't book you again,' vocalist and guitarist Dan Foden said.

They are one of those local bands that can now comfortably be relied upon to fill the Arts Centre. But they've recent also made some national waves too with their singles Chinatown and It Won't Stop, both perfect examples of their feelgood indie-pop, gaining some positive reviews.

Support comes from one of Norwich's brightest new bands, the Vegas Fame Index, whose debut EP, Up 22 Points, saw their garage-influenced indie rock'n'roll get a mention on Radio 1. Opening will be Norwich trio Cold Hands, who play fast garage pop with killer hooks.

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t August 14

Emma Hall Band (soul/funk) - Brickmakers

Red Apple (rock) - King Edward VII

Ramon Goose Band (blues) - Cider Shed

Leopard Trio (rock'n'roll) - Blueberry

Beyond Duplication (blues/rock) - Walnut Tree Shades

The Reckoning (rock/prog) - Reindeer

Acaysha (roots) - Rumsey Wells

Midnight Groove (soul/funk) - The Firs

Lou & The Diamonds (60s) - The Falcon

The Sirens (indie/rock) - The Nelson

t August 15

Vagabond (rock) - Arts Centre

The Sharps (pop/rock) - B2

To The Last (rock/metal) - Brickmakers

Abyss (rock/pop) - Blueberry

My Visor (rock/indie) - Marquee

Red Leaf (rock/indie) - Boundary

Mister Pink (blues/rock) - King Edward VII

Keno Kings (blues) - Reindeer

Sofa King High (punk/ska) - The Stanley

Stone Cold (singer-songwriter) - Mustard Pot

Davie J (50s) - Angel Gardens

t August 16

Murphy's Lore (Irish) - King Edward VII

Girl In A Thunderbolt (indie) - Frank's Bar

Lee Vasey Big Band (12pm) - Brickmakers

t August 17

Pink Hallows/City of Antics/Lifes Divide (pop-punk) - Brickmakers

Jazz Jam (jazz) - Blueberry

t August 18

The Dead Static (rock) - B2

Musically Stacked Collective (acoustic) - Rumsey Wells

t August 19

The Session (Irish) - Cider Shed

t August 20

YT/Ragga Twins (reggae/jungle) - Po Na Na

Screaming Grounds Presents: Caesura + more (alternative) - Marquee

Cream Horns (rock) - Brickmakers

The Solidagoes (grunge) - B2

Against The Grain (blues) - Walnut Tree Shades

Keno Kings (blues) - Blueberry

Live & Unleashed (local bands) - Blue Lounge

The Late Stan Guevara & His Laughing Castroleers (jazz/blues) - Rose Tavern

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