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Simon ParkinTUBELORDThe Marquee, June 26Straight outta Kingston (on Thames), this trio of fun-loving youngsters, scruffily packed together, originally formed as a college project but really started to take shape last year after recording four very well received demo tracks and playing a whole host of shows all over the UK.Simon Parkin


The Marquee, June 26

Straight outta Kingston (on Thames), this trio of fun-loving youngsters, scruffily packed together, originally formed as a college project but really started to take shape last year after recording four very well received demo tracks and playing a whole host of shows all over the UK.

Musically their influences are certainly diverse, they name-check Huey Lewis and the News alongside Foals in their list of influences and claim to sound like 'Biffy Clyro having fun' when pushed for a way to describe themselves.

What that seems to mean is that they combine hook-filled choruses and impressive harmonies with disorientating maths-rock song structures - with a hefty dose of Pixies echoes.

'To continue to be satisfied with the songwriting and smiling when performing the songs, if we're not then what's the point?' is the innocent, almost child-like hopes Joseph, Dave and Olev hold for their fledgling band.

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Their recent single, Feed Me A Box Of Words, was released as part of Big Scary Monsters Meet & Greet singles club, released on 7" vinyl, with a free CD.

With songs that tend to shoot off in a variety of different directions at the same time, they're an interesting band who have unsurprisingly found some favour with critics. Best of all though, they can't really be pigeon-holed, and this is a good thing.

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Cider Shed, June 26

Dan James and his fusion quartet arrive in Norwich on the back of some great reviews for their blend of folk, modern jazz and blues.

The Be Bop Da Jig set includes songs and instrumentals featuring original compositions by Dan James from their latest album, Dan James presents…Be Bop Da Jig.

Mandocello and seven string guitarist/singer Dan James is joined on tour by Martha Skelton on saxes, Steve Tarner on double bass, and Gareth Hall on piano and keyboards.

Hailing from Blaenavon, Wales, Dan has been a full time professional folk musician for 10 years and is half of folk duo Miln & James. He is also part of ceili band trio Brand F with expert spoons player Paul Weir.

He was also previously singer and main songwriter with the folk rock band Reincarnation (with Nick Quarmby and Steve Cricket from the Phil Beer Band) as well as a former member of seminal folk band Firebrand (with Miranda Sykes now with Show of hands) and formerly guitarist with jazz outfit The Gareth Hall Quintet.

Steve Tarner is a stunning modern jazz player as is the Bill Evans-influenced pianist Gareth Hall from Cardiff and jazz saxophonist Martha Skelton based in Gilwern. Martha has just completed a jazz degree from the Welsh College Cardiff having been taught by some of the greatest names in South Wales jazz.

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Norwich Arts Centre, June 30

Liverpudlian synth-pop outfit Wave Machines are steadily gaining a following as one of the best upcoming bands on the UK music scene and this really is a chance to see a band before they hit the big time.

This show will come literally days after a Glastonbury performance on the John Peel stage and hot on the heels of their debut album release, Wave If You're Really There.

The band first garnered attention last summer with the limited edition single, I Go I Go I Go, the video for which found its way ont to Kanye West's blog.

Flitting around the razor-thin line between catchy genius and irritating jauntiness that great pop songs always inhabit, it whetted appetites.

Their sound has been described as 'soft and smooth, sugary and sweet white funk with pop bits: Hot Chip dipped in Hot Chocolate.'

The album is uneven but is an ideas-heavy collection of musical initiatives and influences. The disco-friendly I Go I Go I Go suggests Calvin Harris or Hot Chip, Keep The Lights On could be a melancholic Mika and Punk Spirit could be, of all things, a Scouse Beck.

The album couldn't have arrived at a better time, capturing the synth-pop zeitgeist with a bevy of decent dance-pop tracks that will definitely brighten up a summer evening.

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June 26

Midnight Groove (big band soul) - King Edward VII

Hollow (metal) - B2

Those Wap Scallions (rock/pop) - Brickmakers

In Rapture (rock/indie) - Club Sanctuary

Lady & The Tramps (rock/pop) - Blueberry

Flying South (blues) - The Nelson

Lou & The Diamonds (60s) - Trowel & Hammer

Pink Hearse (psychobilly) - Boundary

The Keno Kings (blues) - Walnut Tree Shades

Skaface (ska) - Regal

The Mary Jones Scandal (punk) - The Heartsease

June 27

Rawkas (rock) - Brickmakers

Mediatrocity (punk/ska) - B2

Money Shot (rock/indie) - Blueberry

Egypt (rock) - King Edward VII

Menumitno (rock) - Boundary

Vegas Fame Index (indie) - The Stanley

Grass Roots (reggae) - Reindeer

Coupe de Ville (rock/pop) - Sprowston SC

New Blue Sun (acoustic sessions) - Arts Centre Bar

June 28

One Night of Queen (tribute) - Theatre Royal

Tinks & Selby (rock/country) - King Edward VII

Lee Vasey Big Band (12pm) - Brickmakers

Morgan Manifacier (indie/folk) - Queen Charlotte

The Floating Greyhounds (rock) - Boundary

June 29

Norwich Idol 2009 (talent comp) - Silver Road Cottage

Jazz N Jam (jazz) - Blueberry

Rampant Horse Collective (folk) - Rumsey Wells

June 30

Andi Hopgood & Ray Simmons (jazz) - Rackheath Green Man

Hot Cold (blues/rock) - Brickmakers

Kapok (indie) - B2

July 1

The Session (Irish) - Cider Shed

July 2

In Rapture (rock/indie) - Brickmakers

Mel Stephens & The Strollers (rock) - Blueberry

King Catastrophe (punk/ska) - King Edward VII