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Simon Parkint THE BARLIGHTSNorwich Arts Centre, tonightNorwich-based label NROne promote their first night of live music in 2009, and it promises to be a humdinger, marking the launch of The Barlights debut album.Simon Parkin


Norwich Arts Centre, tonight

Norwich-based label NROne promote their first night of live music in 2009, and it promises to be a humdinger, marking the launch of The Barlights debut album.

The young four-piece formed in Norwich in 2004 as Oblique but became The Barlights after a change in line-up and musical direction. When it comes to composing and performing the group are undaunted by mixing the convention with the unconventional and blend influences from many eras to create their hybrid sound.

The release of their debut, If It Wasn't For The Light The Dark Would Have Killed Us, which doesn't actually hit the shops until May, is a milestone in the band's career that started on the Gideon Coe show back in 2006. It brings together their upbeat riffs with a light dusting of melancholy.

Support comes from NROne label mates Tin Man, who enjoyed a successful 2008 releasing they own well-received debut and are about to go into the studio again to start work on their Born To Let You Down EP, and fresh-faced indie pop outfit Platform One.

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Norwich Arts Centre, Saturday

The Paddingtons headline another All Sorted!?! night at the Arts Centre. Formed in 2002 the five boys from Hull released four singles and the album, First Comes First, picking up a following of devoted fans with their notoriously energetic live shows.

However the band grew disillusioned by the music scene.

In the intervening years, they have: given up being a band; decided to be a band again; relocated to Glasgow and New York.

After moving to Glasgow to find themselves, they ended up trapped in the The Castle of Doom with Tony 'Hacksaw Jim' Doogan, the man who worked with Super Fury Animals, Belle & Sebastian and Mogwai. They eventually escaped with their second album, No Mundane Options.

Last year they swapped continents, setting sail to America. While there they, rather improbably, became mates with the well-known Disney songwriter, Adam Green.

Support comes Norwich indie rockers The Interpreters, an acoustic set from Sam McCarthy and lyrical folk hip hopper Micky P Kerr.

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UEA, Monday

Returns only as MOBO award winners N Dubz bring their love of eye catching head wear, signature catchphrases and catchy straight-up pop smashes with a street smart style to the UEA.

The group's debut album, Uncle B Album, offered a mixture of straight-up pop smashes with street smart savvy, making N-Dubz - Dappy, Tulisa and Fazer - breakthrough artists.

Album highlights included the single Ouch, which features a blistering attack of hip hop beats inter-woven with Tulisa's tones, the follow up to 2007's hit single I Swear.

The video enjoyed incredible success online with over nine million views on You Tube, and record breaking views across other sites including Bebo, showing just what a massive fan base the group have built up over the last year.

The masters of the melody, kings of the chorus and rulers of the adlib will bring their Na-na-niiii', 'Ha ha, ha ha, and 'Its N-Dubz (N-Dubz) WHAT!'.

Support from Tinchy Stryder and Fe-nix.

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Norwich Arts Centre, Thursday

This Swedish husband and wife duo are the ultimate in downsized bands, a lean and mean combination of Andreas Werliin's primal rhythms and Mariam Wallentin's impassioned vocals that strip music down to its very essence. They are like the White Stripes in reverse.

Such a combination might sound like a busking group from hell, but Wallentin's voice makes everything possible. Her goosebump-invoking sound operates on a sliding scale between the blues roar of Janis Joplin on the one hand and the spookily evocative folk singing of Mary Margaret O'Hara on the other.

Add some of her own fiery passion for good measure, and you have a singer of deceptively wide range that can handle a heavy spiritual lament like I Can't Tell in His Eyes, the raw gospel feel of Bird or use her driving rhythmic feel as a multi-tracked vocal choir on The Way Things Go.

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t March 27

Lost? (pop punk) - B2

This Is Colour (metal/thrash) - Marquee

Rise (rock) - Brickmakers

Saigon Kiss (punk/metal) - King Edward VII

Pure Floyd (tribute) - Boundary

Barking Spiders (rock) - Blueberry

The Citizens (rock) - The Regal

Blue Fingers (blues) - Walnut Tree Shades

t Match 28

Vanilla Kick (rock) - B2

Vista - Queen Charlotte

Egypt (rock) - King Edward VII

The Bone Garden ( - Boundary

Murphys Lore (Irish) - Cider Shed

Elton Goodlady (rock) - Reindeer

French Kriss - Rumsey Wells

Oxjam: feat. local bands (charity) - Stanley

Mentallica (tribute) - Brickmakers

t March 29

Oxjam: feat. The Great Sharks + more (indie) - B2

The Pressure - Queen Charlotte

Floating Greyhounds (rock) - Boundary

Chris Steinhauer (blues) - Cider Shed

Liza Wolfe Duo (acoustic - 3pm) - King Edward VII

Lee Vasey Big Band (12pm) - Brickmakers

t March 30

Philip Clouts Quartet (jazz) - Arts Centre

t March 31

The QC - Queen Charlotte

The Good Times (rock/ska) - Brickmakers

Luke Palmer (acoustic) - B2

t April 1

Hollow (rock/grunge) - Queen Charlotte

Access To Music Showcase (local) - Rumsey Wells

t April 2

Solidagoes (rock/grunge) - B2

Paranoia (punk/metal) - King Edward VII

Blind Spirit (rock) - Brickmakers

Egos & Icons (rock/punk) - Marquee

Beyond Duplication (R&B) - Blueberry

The Andy Robinson Band (blues/rock)) - Walnut Tree Shades