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Simon ParkinPURE REASON REVOLUTION Norwich Arts Centre, tonightWith influences ranging from Justice, NIN and Depeche Mode to the Beach Boys and Pink Floyd, Pure Reason Revolution mix dark electro-rock, big riffs, pop hooks and vocal harmonies.Simon Parkin



Norwich Arts Centre, tonight

With influences ranging from Justice, NIN and Depeche Mode to the Beach Boys and Pink Floyd, Pure Reason Revolution mix dark electro-rock, big riffs, pop hooks and vocal harmonies.

Now signed to Superball Music their second album, Amor Vincit Omnia, is out on Monday and promises to be equally provocative as their critically acclaimed debut, The Dark Third.

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From the skewed electronica of album opener Les Malheurs to the hypnotic melodies of nine-minute epic The Gloaming, it a beguiling sonic brew.

They're also consummate live act, having already played with the likes of Secret Machines, Oceansize, Hope Of the States and Mew.

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Waterfront, Monday

No indication of Sarah Palin's thoughts, but this Alaska-bred melodic metal band set out to look beyond the negative and aggressive outlook of much of the metal scene. They've aimed to distance themselves from the pack by not resorting to stereotypical metal rage while maintaining their heavy roots.

Whether the Kerrang! reading hordes are ready to fully embrace happy-clappy metallers is open to question, but after more than a decade together they seem to be enjoying some success.

Now signed to Ferret Music, the band's fifth studio album, The Tide And Its Takers, was released in 2008.

Support comes from Florida-based post-hardcore outfit Poison The Well and Gwen Stacy, who are a band not a person.

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Norwich Playhouse, Wednesday

Popular Irish singer songwriter Sean O'Farrell returns with a special new show. He has recently recorded and released Life Is A Teacher, his first studio album in many years.

O'Farrell has recently been touring with Daniel O'Donnell to promote it, and has previously toured with Don Williams, Tammy Wynette and George Hamilton.

This intimate show will be a mixture of many of his older songs, such as Radio 2 hit Eighteen Yellow Roses, along with some of the newer tracks.

He will be backed by a five-piece band.

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Norwich Arts Centre, Thursday

For an Oxford graduate who thinks nothing of combining baggy denims with waistcoats and trilby hats, Ben Hudson certainly moves in rarefied hip hop circles.

He's just finished supporting Kanye West on his recent tour, and, rumour has it, will feature on Jay-Z's Blueprint 3 album later this year. Sway and Dizzee Rascal have also worked with the only rapper on the UK hip hop scene whose preferred clothing material is tweed.

So it obviously pays not to judge a book by its cover. The Eminem-haired Mr Hudson is a beat-maker extraordinary. This is one of a handful of shows that sees Mr Hudson team up with The Library, a band whose influence range from The Police to Andre 3000, ahead of the release of his solo album Now I See.

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t March 6

Pure Reason Revolution (folk/alternative) - Arts Centre

Philip Shamino Quartet (jazz) - Cider Shed

The Collective (funk/soul) - Brickmakers

D-Control (punk/hardcore) - Queen Charlotte

Clickshaft (indie/funk) - Marquee

Lou & The Diamonds (60s/charity) - The Talk

Floating Greyhounds (rock) - King Edward VII

Lick The Dice (rock) - Boundary

Jumpjet Promo: feat. Mojo Kings (rockabilly) - B2

Blue Fingers (blues) - Blueberry

Dogwood - Walnut Tree Shades

Midnight Groove (soul/funk) - The Firs

Lisa Jay (pop) - Trowel & Hammer

Skaface (ska) - Reindeer

t March 7

Just Floyd (tribute) - Brickmakers

The Planks (soul) - King Edward VII

Stuck in Conflict (rock) - B2

Amen-tal (jungle/dub - Queen Charlotte

Outskirts of Town (grunge) - Marquee

Skatabrain (ska) - Boundary

Rock Doctors (rock) - Blueberry

Rockin' Johnnies (50s/60s) - Gatehouse

Mister Pink (rock/funk) - Heartsease

t March 8

36 Crazyfists (metal) - Waterfront

Cats of Ultarh - Queen Charlotte

Leopard Trio (rock'n'roll) - King Edward VII

Brooke Sharkey (singer-songwriter) - Cider Shed

Lee Vasey Big Band (12pm) - Brickmakers

t March 9

Howling Bells (indie) - Arts Centre

Kid Canaveral (indie-pop) - Queen Charlotte

t March 10

The Chill (rock) - Brickmakers

Thick Trick Chloe (punk/ska) - B2

Irukandji - Queen Charlotte

t March 11

Sean O'Farrell (Irish) - Playhouse

City of Antics (rock) - B2

t March 12

Mr Hudson & The Library (indie/hip hop) - Arts Centre

Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain (pop/quirky) - Playhouse

Replica (rock) - Brickmakers

Egypt (blues/rock) - Walnut Tree Shades

Rawkes Drift (rock) - King Edward VII

Queens English (hip hop/punk) - Marquee

Fourplay (R&B) - Blueberry