Preview: Norwich full gig guide September 7-13

Chicago-born alt folk duo Rue Royale display their candlelit songcraft, drawing on the likes of Fleetwood Mac and Nick Drake, by putting in an acoustic appearance at the Bicycle Shop. PLus: Lost?, The Arlenes and Irish singer-songwriter ODi.


Waterfront Studio, September 8

Over the past couple of years, Norwich pop-punk band Lost? have been something of an institution on the gig guide and built up a sizeable along the way.

But all good things must come to an end, and the band, which musically takes an influence from the likes of Blink 182, All Time Low, Paramore and Fall Out Boy, here put in a final gig at the Waterfront having decided to call it a day.

Having recently supported McFly, the band — made up of vocalist and guitarist Pete Bilton, bassist Rob Allison, guitarist Nathan Stimpson and drummer Roger Bilton (together with Ashley Hannan who provides live keyboards) — is set to go out on a high.

This final ever gig is an early-doors show (7pm) in the Waterfront Studio and includes support from Ten Day Break and Call It Reckless.

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After the show finishes at 10pm, there'll be the usual club night, with over-18 gig-goers welcome to stay on for free — you'll need to have proof of age.

The band's album, Pics Or It Didn't Happen, a great youthful stab or pop-punk adrenaline, is still available on iTunes.

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Norwich Arts Centre, September 7

It is the best part of a decade since The Arlenes headed off to find a new life in America. Leaving the UK with the music of their 2003 album Going to California they embarked on a journey that soon took them from the west coast and on to Tennessee and Nashville.

But having spent a number of years under Nashville's influence, The Arlenes – husband and wife partnership Steve Pulford and Stephanie Arlene – are back 'home' in Norfolk and with a new record due out soon.

To herald its release later this year, they've lined up this 'homecoming gig', where they will showcase new tracks from the album entitled the Berry Hill Sessions, reflecting the area of Nashville it was recorded in.

Over the years, on the back of recording success and live shows, The Arlenes have built a wide fan-base. And surrounded by Americana music – the unique blend of folk, country, blues, rhythm and blues, rock and roll and other external influential styles such as bluegrass – their sound and style has evolved to produce some excellent new songs in a style increasingly referred to as alt-country.

Supporting them will be Hurray for the Riff Raff from Louisiana and Jason McNiff. Enjoy the new material from the album such as One More Hill to Climb and How Will I Know, but expect to hear several old favourites from The Arlenes.

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Bicycle Shop, September 10

Chicago-born alt folk duo Rue Royale display their candlelit songcraft, drawing on the likes of Fleetwood Mac and Nick Drake, by putting in an acoustic appearance at the Bicycle Shop in St Benedict's Street.

Ruth and Brookln Dekker have amassed 80,000 miles on the road in Europe alone since the release of their first eponymously-titled album in 2008.

Meanwhile, without the backing of a label or manager, between tours the couple has rustled up a cottage industry at their cosy Nottingham home.

Together they've printed, snipped, sewed and stuffed 7,500 Rue Royale albums. Fans have also been treated to hand-made Rue Royale knitted goods — how many groups do you know who sport hot water-bottle covers on their merchandise stand?.

Meanwhile, over in cyber-space, RR have personally nurtured a large Facebook/Twitter following and racked up over 500,000 online plays.

Not bad for a husband and wife song-writing team who, then living in Chicago, only started performing together six years ago, inspired by the likes of Fleetwood Mac, Radiohead, Grandaddy, John Martyn, Jose Gonzalez and Elbow.

Their latest album, Guide To An Escape, released last year, retained the acoustic duo's hushed, evocative melodies but was notably richer in sound and wider in scope.

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Bicycle Shop, September 12

Irish singer/songwriter ODi manages to blend elements of Joan Armatrading's pathos, Norfolk's own Beth Orton's eye for the quirky and deep with a touch of Dido's bed-sit romance to produce her own unique, captivating sound which has seen her win a sizeable following.

Blending folk, acoustic, pop, rock and indie, her music has led to her supporting the likes of Seth Lakeman, Eleanor McEvoy and Tom Baxter.

Her debut album Maslow's Songbook was recorded with producer Karl Odlum, who has also worked with the likes of Fionn Regan, The Frames and David Kitt and it became a much played favourite of BBC Radio 2's Bob Harris.

The album showcased ODi's warm-hearted vocals and meaningful lyrics set to a range of beautiful musical landscapes featuring contributions from Colm Mac Con Iomaire, of The Frames and Swell Season, and R�n�n � Snodaigh from folkie favs K�la.

Since playing her first gig in the UK four years ago, ODi has developed her stage craft touring extensively and winning many fans across Europe. She returns to Norwich for this special performance at the intimate Bicycle Shop venue. If Suzanne Vega had been born in Wexford she would have been ODi.

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The Arlenes + Hurray For The Riff Raff + Jason McNiff (rock'n'roll/Americana) — Arts Centre

Super Action Heroes (rock/indie) — Brickmakers

Truescape + Cutback + Crumbs For Comfort + Bill Do (rock/pop) — Waterfront Studio

Uprising (rock) — King Edward VII

Mucked Up Funkies + more (funk/rock) — B2

Electricity (blues) — Silver Road Cottage

Southport + Southpaw + Broken Window Effect + Ducking Punches (pop-punk) — Olives

Secondhand Blues (blues)

— Walnut Tree Shades

Sun of Cash (country/tribute) — Brewery Tap

Norwich Folk Club — Christ Church Centre

Janie Kay — Costessey Crown


The Lost? (pop/rock) — Waterfront Studio

Fearless Vampire Killers (metal) — Open

Tony Brook + Ian Band + Yve Mary B + The Macarano's (Americana/blues/folk) — Epic

To The Last + Warden (rock/metal) — Brickmakers

Swarmed + more (hardcore/thrash) — King Edward VII

Rammerator + Single Thread + Grimace (rock) — Blueberry

Worlds Apart (blues/rock) — Walnut Tree Shades

The Booze Brothers — Spixworth Social Club

The Indians (rock'n'roll) — Arkwrights

Rock Your Heart Out (charity gig) — B2

The Indebtors (pop/rock) — Norkie

Rox Off (rock) — Boundary

3 Up 2 Down — Trowel & Hammer

Steve Moyse — Angel Gardens

Alan Ley — Bread & Cheese

Craig Powell — Keir Hardie Hall

Lisa Marie — Robin Hood

Tony Cann — Heath House


Tim Lane + Trevor Simpson (folk/Irish/5pm) — Silver Road Cottage

Proms In The Pub: feat. Cawston Brass Band (2pm) — Brewery Tap

Floating Greyhounds (rock/4pm) — Boundary

Lena Black's Uptown Playboys (swing/blues) — The Lounge

Lee Vasey Big Band (12pm) — Brickmakers

Talking Hayley (pop/rock) — B2

Bus Stop (60s/70s) — Costessey Crown


Rue Royale (acoustic) — Bicycle Shop

Jazz Jam: feat. Lee Vasey — Silver Road Cottage

Brickie Sessions (open mic) — Brickmakers

Jazz Jam: feat. Rich Buddie — Walnut Tree Shades


The Wash (blues/rock) — Brickmakers

Matteo Raggi (Italian/jazz) — Rackheath Green Man


ODi (folk/acoustic/pop) — Bicycle Shop

Sam Sallon + Cara Winter + Llewelyn (acoustic/pop/folk) — Bedfords

Pure Acoustic (open mic) — Brickmakers

Open Mic — Garden House


Gary Winter + Simon Brown Quartet + Dove & Boweevil (variety/charity) — Arts Centre

Sheesh + Laps Around The Lake + One Day Rocket (pop/rock) — B2

Outhablues (blues) — Brickmakers

Acoustic Jukebox: feat. Dan Scoggins (requests/acoustic) — Brewery Tap

Hexis + This Gift Is A Curse + Venus Receiver (metal/hardcore) — Olives

The Outlands (gypsy-punk) — Rumsey Wells

Midnight Blue (soul) — Rose Tavern

Blues Night — Walnut Tree Shades