Poringland headteacher stuck to a wall for charity

One school's headmaster found himself in a sticky situation on Friday as his pupils got him down on tape.

Richard Burbage, headteacher at Poringland Primary School, was taped to a wall in the school hall with copious amounts of gaffer tape to raise money for a new school facility.

Children at the school paid �1 for a strip of tape to cover Mr Burbage, who was stood on a table with his back to the wall, sticking him in place.

The table was removed and Mr Burbage remained stuck for 17 seconds before gravity won and he fell to the floor, onto a crash mat kindly placed for his safety.

Speaking before the event, Mr Burbage said: 'I don't know if they want to see how long it will take me to fall, or whether I'll still be there Monday morning.

'One of the girls said, 'this opportunity doesn't come along very often, can I have loads of strips?'

'They had eight rolls of tape, and had to buy more because the staff and children were buying so much. I hadn't realised I was so unpopular!'

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The idea was thought up by Jo Mansley, chairman of the school's Parent Teacher Association.

'Jo went to B&Q and asked what the best tape was for sticking a headmaster to a wall,' said Mr Burbage. 'I don't know if they want to stick me well or not, so that I fall.

'I'll have a lot of people in detention on Monday.'

The money raised – more than �650 – is going towards a conversion of the caretaker's bungalow into a space for music lessons, a breakfast club and other activities.

The event coincided with the school's Christmas Bazaar, a new addition to its calendar. Speaking afterwards, Mr Burbage said: 'Quite a lot turned out to see me humiliate myself, it went down really well and was a lot of fun.

'They were all taking glee in it, including the staff.'

Mr Burbage is relatively new to the school, having only been in the post a year.

The school is also aiming to achieve a silver eco award for their environmentally friendly practices, and is making other attempts to keep up with the times by purchasing 12 iPads.

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