Poll: What annoys you most when going to the cinema?

Have you ever been driven to distraction whilst watching a film at the cinema?

A survey due to be released tomorrow has found that more than half of film fans get annoyed by people talking in the cinema.

Other common gripes include people rustling their popcorn, loudly slurping drinks and people putting their feet on chairs.

The poll found 52pc were annoyed by people talking, while 15pc said the biggest problem were public displays of affection once the lights had gone down.

But 66pc said they were too polite to tell off fellow cinema-goers for bad behaviour.

Now we want to know what most annoys you when you go the cinema.

Have you ever ended up arguing with someone in the cinema about their behaviour? Or is it all part of the cinema experience?

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- Cast your vote in the poll above and leave your comments below, and see tomorrow's Norwich Evening News for the results.