WATCH: Who is standing in the General Election 2017 in Broadland and why do they think you should vote for them?

General election candidates for Broadland (L-R): Andrew Boswell (Green Party),David Moreland (UKIP), Steve Riley (Liberal Democrat), Iain Simpson (Labour) and Keith Simpson (Conservative)

General election candidates for Broadland (L-R): Andrew Boswell (Green Party),David Moreland (UKIP), Steve Riley (Liberal Democrat), Iain Simpson (Labour) and Keith Simpson (Conservative)


We asked the general election candidates in Broadland to tell us why you should vote for them on Thursday, June 8. We also invited them to submit videos outlining their three priorities. This is what they said:

Andrew Boswell (Green)

“Broadland people, I meet, know this election goes much wider than who negotiates Brexit with the EU, and how they do it. It is about what sort of country we want.

“I am giving people the chance to vote for a very different vision from the government and the current MP.

“They are prioritising wealth making for a few, reversing progress made on tackling climate change, and allowing growth and development to ruin the special nature of our county.

“The worst inequality in a century is already pushing people to the edge. I will campaign for a future for our young people, not this continuing social catastrophe.

“I would prioritise properly funded care for our elderly, take profiteering of out the NHS, our Rail system and education. “No cosying up to Donald Trump either. As a Green MP, I would seek to rebuild the UK’s leadership on climate change, and avoid getting drawn into foreign conflicts.

“On Brexit, I would argue for negotiations which protect the rights of EU and UK citizens, and maintains good economic ties with European nations.

“I have worked for many years opposing destructive development in Broadland, and slowing down urban sprawl around Norwich creeping towards the pristine natural environments of the Broads, Yare and Wensum valleys.

“I strongly oppose extending the NDR across the River Wensum. I will work instead for a world-class public transport system with safe, less congested roads.

“I look forward to representing you in Westminster if you vote for me.”

David Moreland (UKIP)

“I am proud to have served my country as an infantry soldier and a Scotland Yard CID officer, as well as the joy of living in Broadland for 12 years.

“The political elite in this country do not listen to the people and their real needs and desires, I would promote the interests of Broadland 100pc.

The government are unlikely to follow your Brexit dreams, fishing grounds, immigration control and UK Sovereignty will barely change, I will fight to save our country.

“Plans set by government starving councils of cash for social care of the elderly, and their desire to take a large percentage of the value of your home when you pass away, because you had NHS care, that you have paid for all your working life, this disgrace and must be stopped.

“Uncontrolled migration into the UK is inundated with criminals pretending to be downtrodden innocents, whilst plotting with other radicals to murder our families and children, our politicians have failed to do anywhere near enough to stop this.

“Enough is enough, I and my party will stop these evil issues.

“I am genuinely close to the people of Broadland, fully understanding their fears and needs, as your MP I pledge to make sure that government decisions that affect you are well publicised and not hidden away to suit them and not you.

“Please support me and vote for UKIP.”

Iain Simpson (Labour)

“I’m Iain Simpson, and I’m Labour’s parliamentary candidate for Broadland. I grew up in Brundall, a village in the heart of this constituency. For too long we’ve been neglected, and our community hasn’t had the investment it needs.

“The NHS is in crisis, with the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital facing a £25m deficit this year. Tory plans to cut pensions mean thousands in Broadland won’t be able to afford the retirement they deserve. Many villages have just a few buses a day, and roads are full of potholes.

“I’ve got five key promises for Broadland.

“I’ll stand up for pensions, protecting the triple lock so that everyone can enjoy the retirement they’ve worked hard for. “I’ll fix the Tory crisis in the NHS, ensuring the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital and local doctors’ surgeries are properly funded.

“I’ll improve rural bus services, making it easier for people to get to work and the shops.

“I’ll get potholes fixed, many roads here need urgent repair.

“And I’ll make sure we have a Brexit that works for Broadland. Farms support thousands of jobs, its vital that both farm subsidies and workers’ rights are protected after we leave the EU.

“If you have any questions you can email on or find me on twitter @IainSimpson. Broadland is an amazing place and it needs someone who’ll stand up for it. So please do vote for me and Labour on June 8.

Keith Simpson (Conservative)

“This is a crucial election for our Broadland Constituency and our country.

“The next Parliament will be dominated by the Brexit negotiations and if I am elected as the Broadland MP I will want to argue the best case for our constituency.

“I will work to bring together all those who voted both to leave and remain in the EU. It is no good suggesting a second referendum; last June the majority voted to leave and we must now carry out that political decision.

“I have been lucky enough to be the Conservative MP for Mid Norfolk and then Broadland since 1997. I am a Norfolk man and I live in the constituency.

“I know from all my constituency correspondence and talking with people locally that their concerns centre upon strengthening the local economy and maintaining high employment, particularly for young people.

“Looking after our senior citizens has always been one of my priorities and I intend to work closely with ministers and local government to make sure that care for the elderly is a priority and properly funded. Nearly a quarter of our electorate are pensioners.

“Your MPs lobbied to see that the final stretch of the A11 north of Thetford was finally dualled and I will continue to work hard to make sure that the Government’s promise to begin dualling the A47 in our constituency is started.

“We live and work in a lovely part of Norfolk and I would love to continue representing you in Parliament.”

Steve Riley (Liberal Democrat)

“I am proud to live in the Broadland constituency where I am married with three children: two daughters at university and a son of primary school age.

“I am an elected Broadland District Councillor and have chaired the overview and scrutiny committee, overseeing the work of the council and holding it to account.

”I am known for my hard work and integrity in taking up cases for residents, and for my campaigning work in supporting communities within Broadland.

“I am self-employed having previously been the managing director of a manufacturing business. I was also a key industrial negotiator with parliamentary experience, liaising with MPs and helping to coordinate campaigns for parliamentary consideration.

“I have campaigned and worked on key issues both locally and nationally, including: equal opportunities, anti-discrimination policy and law, employment rights, industrial and economic policy, housing and planning matters. “Throughout my life I have supported and achieved results for people and have always put people before party politics.

The voters of Broadland deserve a hard working, full time MP who will put the constituency of Broadland first, both locally and at Westminster.

“If elected, I will work to bring better economic development to Broadland as well as campaigning for improved vital local health services, elderly care services, funding for front line police and better pensions, and supporting our schools and teachers in seeking a better financial deal for the children of Broadland.

“It’s time for change in Broadland and I am seeking your support so we can make that change together.

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