Should Labour do a deal with Greens, SNP and Lib Dems to fight the Tories?

PUBLISHED: 12:46 28 July 2016 | UPDATED: 14:38 28 July 2016

Norwich South Labour MP Clive Lewis. Photo: Bill Smith

Norwich South Labour MP Clive Lewis. Photo: Bill Smith


Norwich MP Clive Lewis has said working with other parties is "essential" to beat the Conservatives.

The shadow defence secretary said that “there is a common set of themes and values and principles” across Labour, the Green Party, Lib Dems and the Scottish Nationalists, adding: “Progressive alliances are now essential not just because that is the only way we can beat the Tories but because that is the way we will make better decisions and take more of the country with us.”

In an article for The Guardian he said: “Frankly, I want to be in government with Caroline Lucas, not against her – and certainly not in permanent opposition.”

Former Green Party candidate and former Norwich councillor Rupert Read said: “It’s really positive that some of Jeremy Corbyn’s allies are willing to think about working together across party lines to produce a government that might actually at last have the support of a majority of British people, and that will be willing to make the kind of constitutional changes that our country desperately needs: most crucially, creating a more localised political system, where power is closer to the people; and changing the electoral system to a fairer electoral system, of seats proportional to votes, so that no-one’s vote is wasted.

“Those are the kinds of changes that a ‘progressive alliance’ of Greens, Labour and more could bring in. They would mean that we, the people, could really take back control, rather than control being in the hands of an overly remote, insufficiently democratic set of Houses of Parliament.

“My challenge to Clive Lewis now is: if you really want a progressive alliance, will you work to make it work for Greens as well as Labour? That would mean changing Labour Party policy on the issues I just mentioned - and being willing to offer real political opportunities and real power to the Green Party at large, and not just to our wonderful MP, Caroline Lucas.”

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