Academic's home targeted with political graffiti for a second time

The political graffiti on the end of David Hugh-Jones' home in Ten Bell Lane in Norwich

The political graffiti on the end of David Hugh-Jones' home in Ten Bell Lane in Norwich - Credit: David Hugh-Jones

An academic has hit out at culprits who tagged his home with political graffiti.

David Hugh-Jones, from Ten Bell Lane, off St Benedicts Street in Norwich, spotted the message which read "never trust a Tory" on the side of his house a couple of days ago.

The 46-year-old economics academic, who is a Conservative voter, said his home was targeted with a political statement in 2019 during the time of the general election.

He had to get the wall repainted with anti-graffiti paint after that incident and said he will have to get the paintbrush out again to cover the new message.

Mr Hugh-Jones said: "Although we might have our political differences, it is bad to graffiti someone's house. This is the second time it has happened. The first time was when I put up a Conservative poster on my house. 

"This is not a good way to express your political views. Maybe the people who did it should grow up.

"Of course people have passionate political beliefs and that is part of democracy but it is a good idea that people express their differences in a better way."

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He added he supported the Conservatives because they were better than other political groups and said: "Like everything, they are bad and good. I don't think partygate was brilliant but I'm happy Ukraine is being supported by the current government."

After the vandalism he tweeted Clive Lewis, Norwich South Labour MP, and wrote: "I appreciate your supporters have passionately-held political views. Do you think you could discourage them from graffitiing my house? Thanks."

Norwich South MP Clive Lewis. Photo: Antony Kelly

Norwich South MP Clive Lewis. Photo: Antony Kelly - Credit: Archant

The MP responded with: "The suggestion I’m somehow responsible for all anti-Tory graffiti in this constituency is a rather bold claim and not one I intend taking seriously. As I said before I hope the matter [is] speedily resolved."

Mr Hugh-Jones said: "I think Clive could have been more proactive. He didn't do it himself but he could have said I don't think people ought to commit crimes to express your views."

In March this year a neighbourhood row broke out in an NR3 street over a large Vote Green mural which was painted on the side of house by its occupant a year before.