Police pledge action against illegal raves

Emily DennisPolice forces in Norfolk and Suffolk are collaborating this weekend to prevent and disrupt illegal raves.Emily Dennis

Police forces in Norfolk and Suffolk are collaborating this weekend to prevent and disrupt illegal raves.

Officers are urging members of the public and landowners to report any suspicious activities and are warning organisers of illegal raves that any sound equipment found will be seized, causing significant financial loss.

Police are urging landowners to remain vigilant and immediately report any activity which may lead them to suspect a rave is being organised on their land.

Extra care should be taken to ensure that property entrances are secured wherever possible.

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Police spokesman Superintendent John Everett said: 'The weather is improving and historically we have seen illegal raves being held over bank holiday weekends.

'I want to warn anyone who is considering organising a rave that they will face prosecution for holding such an event - we have successfully prosecuted people who have organised raves in Suffolk in the past. We will also seek to prosecute anyone attending a rave who commits other offences, such as damage.

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'And for those who are hoping to attend an illegal rave, I would urge them to be mindful that these events, by their very nature, are not well organised and are often linked to drug associated criminality.

'I would also like to take the opportunity to appeal for the public's help in tackling this issue. Early information from the public is critical if we are to prevent a rave from taking place.'

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