Poignant memories of a long lost Norwich community

More pictures taking a look at life on the 'village on the hill' between King Street and Ber Street in old Norwich.

A picture paints a thousand words - this photograph, taken by the Evening News in 1958, shows one couple leaving their home in old Crusoe Street before the demolition men moved in.

At the time hundreds of families who lived on the 'village on the hill' between King Street and Ber were moving out the community which had been allowed to rot and decay and into the new estates.

At the time these new homes offering gardens, hot and cold water, inside loos were a dream come true.

A different world from the crumbling courts and yards but rather than trying to save what they could, the city planners grabbed the opportunity to destroy hundreds of houses, pubs, shops, factories - even schools and places of worship.

All in the name of progress.

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The pictures on this page today three reminders of that historic part of the city which was smashed to pieces.

An Evening News photographer captured this scene in Crusoe Street on May 26 1958 as a couple with their cases walk away - perhaps for the last time before the street was reduced to rubble.

The other poignant picture was taken by Phil Chapman off Ber Street in the 1950s and you can almost taste the atmosphere and the way it was in the old cobbled streets which were scattered across the 56 acres of land.

And then we come to the boys and girls of Horns Lane Infants School in the 1950s who grew up in the 'village of the hill'.

Here they are, all dressed up for the class photograph, in the early 1950s.

Drop me a line if you are one of them and this picture brings back any memories of the way it was living in that long-lost part of the city.

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