Woman hoping to open Norwich’s first vegan supermarket is £45 into £80k crowdfunding target

Gemma Everett wants to open a vegan supermarket in Norwich. Photo: Gemma Everett

Gemma Everett wants to open a vegan supermarket in Norwich. Photo: Gemma Everett - Credit: Gemma Everett

A woman from Norwich is hoping to raise enough money to open a vegan supermarket as she thinks the city needs better provisions for vegans.

Gemma Everett, 27, who has been a vegan for nearly three years and has lived in Norwich all her life, says she's noticed a gap in the market for a plant-based superstore.

She says that while Norwich has become much better at catering to vegans in recent years, better provisions are still needed for people wanting to stop relying on animal products.

'There are some really great vegan places popping up, like Little Shop of Vegans and Tofurei, but there isn't yet anywhere you can buy all your groceries,' said Ms Everett.

'You have to drive to one supermarket for your unwaxed fruit, another for your bread and yet another for your toiletries, because nowhere has everything under one roof.'

But that could all change if Ms Everett manages to raise the funds she needs to open a one stop shop.

Hoping to raise money from the community Ms Everett has started a fundraising campaign on the entrepreneurial website Indiegogo.

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The target is set at £80,000 and at the time of writing the money put forward by backers totals £45.

Ms Everett said: 'We initially have six weeks to raise the money, with the option to extend the campaign should we need to.

'I realised we're asking for lot of money, but all the research I've done has brought me to that figure.

'If we don't raise the total we're asking for we will apply for a start-up loan to top it off. But we would love for this to be an entirely community backed project if it can be.'

You can find out more about the project and donate to the fundraising page here.

Would you welcome an all purpose vegan supermarket? Let us know in the comments.

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