Plans for expansion at Costessey burial park

An environmentally friendly woodland burial park near Norwich has unveiled plans to expand as part of a bid to address the city's burial space shortage.

It is predicted that Earlham and Rosary cemeteries, the two cemeteries within Norwich's boundaries, will be full within three years.

But within the next two weeks the operators of Colney Woodland Burial Park will apply for planning permission to expand, increasing space by up to 30pc.

Bosses of the Costessey-based burial park have said they are also keen to pursue the possibility of opening new smaller 'satellite' cemeteries around the city.

Nick Taylor, director and co-founder of Woodland Burial Park, said: 'Burial space is running out right across the country – and Norwich is no exception.

'Over the past few years we've been working closely with local councils to address this issue and are now ready to move things forward.

'As well as expanding provision at Colney Wood, we're also planning to offer extra space in other parts of Norwich.

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'If anyone has land in or around Norwich of at least 15 acres, that's either woodland or a combination of woodland and open land, we'd be very interested in hearing from them.

'We feel it's very important that people have choice – and our proposals would offer a range of options in terms of both affordability and location, without the requirement for major construction work.'

Since it opened in 2000, Colney Woodland Burial Park has established itself as a popular choice for families of all faiths looking for natural alternatives to traditional-style funerals.

The news of the proposed expansion comes at a time when plans for a new cemetery on the outskirts of Norwich at Drayton have been lodged with Broadland District Council.

Those responsible for the plans for the Canhams Hill Cemetery say it will help provide burial provision for the city for the next century and beyond.

Landowners interested in cemetery development opportunities with Colney Wood should contact Mark Packer on 01603 811556.

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