Picture this - it’s Norfolk as a winter wonderland

Derek James takes a timely look at a new book celebrating Norfolk in Winter.

Winter has arrived early... and as we struggle to get to grips with it let's pause for a moment and take time to appreciate our surroundings.

And as you can see, Norfolk in winter is a beautiful place, and Norfolk in Winter is a beautiful book.

The stunning photographs in this new publication have been taken by a man who is gaining a reputation as one of the county's most talented young photographers – Chris Herring.

'Winter is my favourite time of the year for photography,' said Chris.

'I always feel there is something magical and surreal about photographing the winter landscape,' he added.

'Mist, fog, frost and snow can easily transform the ordinary into the extraordinary and no two mornings are ever the same.

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'For me winter in Norfolk is not just about frosty mornings and fresh snowfall, it's also about golden reeds on the Norfolk Broads, deserted beaches, clear bright sunrises and amazing sunsets,' said Chris.

And, as good fortune would have it, while Chris was out and about taking photographs for this book, Norfolk was experiencing one of the most severe winters for more than three decades.

With plenty of snow and weeks of hard frosts he was able to capture the very essence of wintertime Norfolk – from the crystal clear dawns to spectacular colourful sunsets.

'The varied landscape of Norfolk is a delight to photograph at all times of the year, however the winter is an especially great time to witness the unique and varied landscapes that Norfolk has to offer,' added the author.

And he went on: 'It is easy to wax lyrical about our winter weather, painting an imaginary picture of glorious frosty mornings, fresh snowfall and wonderful blue skies, although in truth the average winter day in Norfolk is often dull and relatively mild compared to other areas of the UK.

'I think because of this, when we do have a cold snap over the region, it is quite special and the results are always striking.'

Chris takes us on a magical journey around the city and county and you can tell he loves his subject with a rare passion.

'Chasing the light across the Norfolk landscape over the winter months can be a frustrating but rewarding experience.

'Huddled in the sand dunes and waiting for the right light while at the same time trying to shelter from freezing winds coming in from the North Sea is never a fun experience,' said Chris.

'But when the light does finally break through, revealing fantastic colours of the low winter sun it all seems worthwhile. I have tried to portray a range of winter conditions captured at different times of the day and at different times of the season.

'I hope these pictures help convey the best of this startling and beautiful season,' added Chris.

They certainly do.

Norfolk in Winter, by Chris Herring, is publshed by Halsgrove at �14.99 from local booksellers or can be obtained from Halsgrove Direct on 01823 653777.