Photo Gallery: Young dancers are hoping for help so they can join the parade

Aspire dance school in Norwich rehearsing for their performance at Disneyland Paris in August. Photo

Aspire dance school in Norwich rehearsing for their performance at Disneyland Paris in August. Photo: Bill Smith

A Norwich dance school is hoping local companies will dig deep, so Cinderella can go to the ball.

Pupils at the city's Aspire Dance school have been given the chance to perform in the famous Disneyland Parade.

But before their fairytale opportunity becomes a reality, they need to raise £5,000 to cover the costs of their show.

Dance school founder Amy Hannant, 28, said: 'We have never applied to go to Disneyland before. I like to give the children different opportunties – we have performed outside The Forum, at The Hewett School and we did a big charity event at The Talk last year. I was trying to think outside the box, thinking 'what could we do next?' So I approached Disney.'

After sending a video of pupils performing a street dance routine, everyone at the school waited weeks to find out if they would be heading across the Channel to the famous theme park.

'When Disney said 'yes', I was really excited. I had to tell all the parents straight away,' said Miss Hannant. 'The children have been really excited too and they have stepped up their game in their dance because they know they are going to Disneyland.'

As well as taking part in the world-famous parade, the children will also perform on stage to 2,500 people.

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Parents have agreed to pay for travel and accommodation costs for the trip, which takes place on August 20 to 22, but funds are desperately needed for the 30-strong group's costumes, props and stage management.

'Any donations or sponsorship would be helpful,' said Miss Hannant. 'Logos could be printed on our Aspire T-shirts, which we will be wearing when we go to Paris. Or we could come and do our performance at events... We desperately need that £5,000 – that would cover our show.'

Call Miss Hannant on 07795 421273 if you can help.