Photo gallery: Plaques unveiled to commemorate historic Great Yarmouth buildings

Special blue plaques were unveiled in Great Yarmouth this morning, to commemorate two buildings that once played such an important role in the life of the town.

At 10.30am today (Monday, November 26) the Great Yarmouth Local History and Archaeological Society placed the distinctive circular signs on the former Grouts textile factory and naval hospital on St Nicholas Road, now the site of the Booker warehouse, during a small ceremony.

The factory began life in 1815, and employed thousands of people in the town. Silk artefacts made there were found on the wreckage of The Titanic. It closed in 1972.

The naval hospital dates back to 1793, and looked after wounded soldiers in the Napoleonic Wars, and was once visited by Admiral Lord Nelson in 1801.

Chairman of the society Paul Davies said: 'Grouts used to be a major employer in the town and an important factory in the war effort.

'The other one is to commemorate Yarmouth's great naval past especially in the Napoleonic wars.

'I think the people of Yarmouth should be proud of their heritage and where they live.'