Photo Gallery: Norwich pupils dance the last decade in new school production

Hundreds of pupils will be tackling some of the most striking events in recent memory through a new high-tempo dance production.

Youngsters from Thorpe St Andrew School are using diverse dances to represent a host of key moments in history including the celebration of the new millennium, to the tragic fall of the twin towers.

The 50-minute performance, entitled Back to the Noughties, will take place tomorrow and Thursday at the school, with both staff and students taking to the stage.

Head girl of Thorpe St Andrew, Madalynne Frary, said: 'The production has been a great thing, especially for the sixth-formers who have had a chance to let their hair down after exams in January.

'For others, it provides an opportunity for parents to come and see the amazing work the school and students have been putting into this production.'

The performance was organised by PE and dance teacher, Claire Gregson, but the artistic direction and the choregraphy was all devised by students at the school.

Highlights include a dance to represent the medical breakthrough of the artificial heart in 2001, a short dance piece reflecting the Afghanistan war in 2002, to more light-hearted numbers celebrating pop songs like Rhianna's Umbrella and Beyonce's Halo. There will also be a hip-hop dance number in which teachers from the school will take part in a breakdance battle to music by Run DMC.

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Mrs Gregson said: 'There are students who have really developed since we started putting together the production. They have gone from tears and stage fright to the point where they are rushing into my office in the morning bursting with new ideas.'

Tickets for the event can be purchased from the student payment point at the school, or on the door. For more information contact Thorpe St Andrew School on 01603 497743.

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