Photo Gallery: Norwich photographer Jonathan Lewis captures Norfolk’s autumn wildlife

Every month, we are following in the footsteps of local wildlife photographer Jonathan Lewis. Here is his photographic perspective of what was happening in wild Norfolk during September.

September is a restless time for many of Norfolk's wild inhabitants. The summer is all but over, last orders have been called and life is preparing for the tough months ahead.

Despite the arrival of colder weather, a last wave of insects is emerging and can be seen buzzing and flitting around.

One of my main annoyances down at the river over the summer months is the cleg fly, a horse fly with a nasty bite and a taste for human blood.

All I normally see of this nuisance is a fly buzzing around my head but I managed to get a portrait shot of one this month and was surprised to see a beautiful set of almost psychedelic eyes staring back at me.

Maybe I won't swot them so readily when they arrive again next year…

The badger cubs have been very busy eating as much as possible to store fat for their first winter.

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They are getting braver around me now and will now come to within a couple of metres as long as I sit and watch quietly.

It is very rewarding to make progress with such secretive species and to get an insight into their lives.

Red and Fallow - two of our native deer species - are charged with testosterone and preparing for the rut which takes place over October.

They will vie to take control of a herd of females and young in order to get mating rights and produce young.

Only the strongest will succeed and there is no second prize for the loser.

Adders and other reptiles are now making their way back to their winter homes where they will hibernate.

They will spend their winter tucked away from the freezing wind and cold outside and will not emerge again until next February or March when spring begins.

My kingfishers are still busy along the river but depending on how tough the winter is may soon leave the area and travel to the coast in search of food.

I hope I they will return next spring to successfully raise more young.

Next month autumn truly begins and I look forward to seeing the wild inhabitants of Norfolk adapt and prepare for the tougher months ahead.

October wildlife to watch out for…

- The magnificent red deer rut

- Listen for Tawny owls hooting all night

- The emergence of mushrooms and toadstools

- Leaves changing from green to red

Jonathan Lewis is a wildlife photographer based near Norwich. He runs a variety of courses and tours both in Norfolk and further afield. For more information visit or