Photo gallery: Norwich artist paints giant rectangle

A young artist studying in Norwich has been painting a giant white rectangle to transform her college campus as part of an art project.

Emily Underhill, pictured, is in her second year of studying for her National Diploma in Fine Art at City College Norwich. She has been transforming a corner of the college by painting a 50-foot rectangle over part of a mobile building and the area surrounding it. Covering part of one of the college's portacabins, footpath, ground adjacent to it and a litter bin, Miss Underhill took her inspiration for this project using the concept of 'Visual Noise'. The idea is that a block of colour imposed on everyday spaces can create the feeling of sound – or stillness – within that space.

The 18-year-old, of Mill Lane in Bacton, said: 'By watching people who appear to be shy or quiet I thought that this in itself can be quite ironic and can actually make them stand out.'

Miss Underhill was given special permission from the principal, Dick Palmer, to undertake the outdoor project. Mr Palmer said: 'We were only too happy to give her the opportunity to create a new piece in a public space within the college. It is a beautifully simple concept which has a surprisingly strong impact.'

After Miss Underhill completes her current course at City College Norwich she plans to do a fine art degree at one of the leading arts universities, which she hopes will provide a springboard for a career as an artist.

Look at the photo gallery for more pictures of Miss Underhill's giant rectangle painting.

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photos: nick butcher