Photo gallery: Nesting box gives falcons a new home at Norwich Cathedral

Norwich Cathedral has installed a new nesting platform to encourage a pair of peregrine falcons to start breeding.

The birds of prey were spotted near the cathedral last year and it is hoped the nesting site, secured 250 ft above the city streets, will encourage them to lay eggs.

Members of the Hawk and Owl Trust, who worked with Norwich Cathedral to create the platform, have put cameras above the site so people can watch the birds on screens in the visitors' centre.

Nigel Middleton, Hawk and Owl Trust conservation officer for the Eastern region, said: 'Already the birds are behaving like they are going to start breeding. The male is flying around the spire and being very vocal, whilst the female is watching to see if she is impressed with his display.'

The platform was installed by volunteers from Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service two weeks ago on the South East middle window of the spire.

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