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With the number of tattoo parlours having doubled over the past three years in the UK, we get under the skin of where the new demand is coming from in Norwich.

The social perception of tattoos is changing, and tattoo parlours are responding to this evolving demand.

According to recent research by insurance firm Simply Business, the number of parlours opening across Britain has more than doubled in the past three years, and the tattoo craze has risen sharply in East Anglia.

The licensing team at Norwich City Council would, no doubt, agree with this study, as they have had to deal with 17 applications in the last three years, bringing the total number of licensed tattoo parlours to 26.

According to recent Channel 4 documentary, My Tattoo Addiction, there are an estimated 20 million tattoos in Britain. Full arm, leg, chest, back and even head tattoos are now more popular than ever, but having a large tattoo is both a huge statement and a financial commitment.

You can see how two Norwich women decided to get on board with the body art trend in your Evening News tomorrow (Tuesday December 4). In the meantime we take a look at some of the tattoos on show at the Body Art Festival for the past two years in our photo gallery at the top right of this page.

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