Pet owner tells of her heartache after beloved cat Scooby dies in spate of pet injuries

Scooby the cat

Scooby the cat - Credit: Jess Davey

A pet owner has spoken of how she found her beloved cat Scooby curled up in the porch of her home after sustaining injuries that proved to be fatal.

The 13-year-old cross siamese was one of five household animals injured in Bracon Ash during the last month in a spate of incidents that police believe could have been caused by a spring loaded trap in woodland in the area near Mulbarton.

However, Jess Davey, 21, of Station Road, said Scooby was not showing any obvious signs of injuries when she found him on a chair at the end of August.

She added: 'He managed to get himself home somehow. I found him curled up on the chair in the porch and there was nothing obvious until I looked at him.

'Our other pet was growling at him and when I looked I saw a neat hole in his leg that was bleeding.'

She took Scooby to the vets where an x-ray revealed he had suffered a fractured pelvis as well as the wound to the leg, resulting in him being unable to urinate or go to the toilet.

The family decided to have him put to sleep due to the pain he was in and the amount of care he would have needed due to the severity of his injuries.

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Her mother Laura, 43, said: 'He was more like a dog, only better behaved. He always wanted a hug to and would not leave you alone. He was very friendly and very sociable.'

Miss Davey, who lives with Jess and her sister Amy, 20, said the family also owned the cats Lionel, six and Richie, 14 weeks, as well as labrador Bella, one and cocker spaniel Cley, seven.

In the past month a dog and three other cats have suffered injuries in the woodland, bordered by the B1113 and School Road.

The cause of the injuries remains unexplained, however police believe they could have been caused by a spring loaded trap.

Miss Davey said she believed Scooby's injuries had been caused by being hit by a car.

Injuries have been so severe that one cat had a leg amputated while another had a tail removed; a third suffered a serious leg injury. It is thought the injured dog will also lose a leg.

PC Steve Knightley said: 'We are aware this is causing concern in the local community. The pets injured have been missing for a couple of days and returned home injured or were found wounded in the woods.

'I'm keen to hear from anyone who may have seen people acting suspiciously in the area or anyone who may have noticed a trap in situ.'

Anyone with information should call 101.