PEEP SHOW VIDEO: Queen Elizabeth through the keyhole - what the butler saw!

It's a sight that only the closest ladies-in-waiting to Queen Elizabeth I would have enjoyed – the infamous monarch stripped of her finery to just a simple petticoat.

Rachel Duffield, who works for Norfolk Museums and Archaeology Service as a live interpretation officer, became fascinated by Good Queen Bess after working as a guide at Norwich Castle Museum.

Now, she showcases an entirely different side to the formal monarch we see in portraits - a glimpse of the Queen's underwear during a presentation she gives to both museum visitors and local groups.

'I used to give a talk about the Queen's visit to Norwich in 1578, but it soon became clear that the thing people were most interested in was what Elizabeth's underwear was like!' laughed Rachel, who lives in Mulbarton.

'Now I get dressed as Elizabeth as they watch and I talk about the clothes she would have worn, the times she lived in, the problems she faced, her visit to Norwich and the fact she didn't wear any knickers!'

In our video, Rachel peels back the layers of the imposing Queen, from regal finery to underwear.

* Look out for a special feature about Rachel appearing in-paper tomorrow (Tuesday February 7).