Outdoor gym set to keep Norwich villagers in shape

Villagers in Costessey have the chance to get outside and get active thanks to a new outdoor gym.

Equipment worth more than �30,000 is now free to use at the Costessey Centre where people can test their fitness on a running machine or practise their pull- ups on over-head bars.

Local boxer John Thaxton will officially open the gym on Saturday, March 19 at 11am.Qualified gym instructors, will be available to give advice till 1pm, and the South Norfolk Council Play Rangers will also attend.

Deputy South Norfolk Council leader Martin Wilby said: 'The gym is great news for the community. This will make a real difference to people's lives, their health and well being. I welcome the positive news that has come out of an alliance of so many organisations and individuals.'

The village received �35,000 worth of funding for new adult gym equipment from the Regional Improvement and Efficiency Partnership, after South Norfolk Council set up a new project to tackle health inequalities.

The project entitled, The Lifestyle Choice (TLC), was born from a meeting at the Costessey Centre, which attracted more than 100 locals, professionals, voluntary groups and statutory agencies.

The TLC is now up and running with a new health and exercise programme for local people led by South Norfolk Council, the NHS, Costessey Parish Council and Active Norfolk. Mr Wilby said: 'There is always more to do, but the gym and the free training and fitness programmes show we are making great progress.' The picture shows Costessey residents Jenny Connolly (centre) and David Vaughn (left) with trainer Ben Walker (right).

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For a full timetable of when qualified trainers will be offering training and guidance at the gym visit: www.costessey.org.uk

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