Our guide to what’s on in Norwich this weekend

Need something to keep you entertained this weekend? Here are just some of the events going on around Norwich this weekend to keep the family busy.

Halloween might be offically over but there is never a bad time to head out to the cinema to watch a spooky film. Frankenweenie (PG) is another creation by well-known director Tim Burton. At the very start of this stop-motion animation, Tim Burton gets to turn the iconic Disneyland castle that opens their every movie into a dark gothic mansion. This must have been a moment of sweet revenge. Here, without Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter or much expectation of commercial success, he is himself again. It is a film to remind you why you once loved this film-maker in the first place.

Over the weekend there is a huge selection of organised firework displays happening across Norwich. If you have not yet made up your mind about which one to attend we have produced an interactive map to help.

To get you into the Movember spirirt, the LCR is holding The Movember A list event. No fancy dress, no fuss, simply great music. The best in indie, pop, electro, r'n'b and more in the main room. Each week there is a different style played in The Hive. For more details check out the Facebook group.

If classic rock is more your cup of tea, legendary tribute band Mentallica will be playing this weekend. From the Explosive opening 'Ecstasy of Gold' through to the epic finale this band goes all out to reproduce the pure energy that was Metallica of the late 80's and early 90's. The growling vocals, the manic prowling power of the bass, thunderous high speed drums and screaming guitar solos, Mentallica deliver what they promise. . . The Metallica Experience. Mentallica are playing at the Brickermakers, Call the UEA Box Office for availability: 01603 508050.

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