WATCH: Otter spotted strolling along road in Trowse

The otter was spotted in Whitlingham Country Park, Norwich

The otter was spotted in Whitlingham Country Park, Norwich - Credit: Suzanne Smith

A Trowse local spotted an unlikely sight in early autumn when an otter took a stroll along a road near Whitlingham Country Park, Norwich.

The video, taken by Suzanne Smith in September last year, shows the river-dwelling mammal padding along the tarmac.

Once the otter spotted Mrs Smith, it quickly went back into the hedgerow.

Mrs Smith, who has lived in Trowse for 14 years, said: "It was amazing to see the otter walking along.

"I thought it must be quite rare to see one so close to the city."

Mrs Smith, 55, who works for an insurance company in the city, goes for daily walks around Trowse and Whitlingham and keeps a lookout for wildlife. 

"We've occasionally seen otters around the river behind St Andrew's Church," she said. "On New Year's Eve my son spotted two in the water which we haven't seen before which was exciting."

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