Only “Tories, communists and BNP” oppose alternative vote, Nick Clegg says on visit to Norwich

Nick Clegg visited Norwich today to encourage people to vote 'Yes' in the Alternative Vote (AV) referendum.

The deputy prime minister spoke in front of Liberal Democrat party members at the Alex Bussey Scout Hall in Rowington Road, Norwich. He appeared alongside Norwich South MP Simon Wright and Norfolk Norfolk MP Norman Lamb.

Dismissing suggestions that AV would allow minority parties to get elected, he said that the only parties that opposed AV were 'the Conservatives, the communists and the BNP'.

He added: 'I would rather be on the side on progressive elements across all parties than side with the old establishment and the lunatic fringe.'

Mr Clegg added: 'There is a proud history of progressive politics in the Labour Party, just as there is in the Liberal Democrats. A Yes vote would be a victory for progressive politics.'

Mr Clegg is holidaying in North Norfolk over the Easter weekend. He said he had visited the county before and found it beautiful - but complained he had been caught in traffic on his journey to his hotel yesterday.

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