Old fashioned Royal Wedding street party for Norwich’s Norman Road

From the vintage televisions showing previous Royal Weddings to the sound of nostalgic music in the street, Norman Road's celebrations harked back to a bygone era.

Families from around the area near Sewell Park College, including those from Pelham Road, Millers Lane and Rosebery Road, flocked to the closed street, bringing savouries, sandwiches and cakes aplenty.

At the heart of the party was The Lord Rosebery pub with its outdoor barbecue and manager Sally Hutchinson, along with Rob Howard, who runs the Vintage Television and Wireless Company in Millers Road, were the chief organisers who brought the community together.

Key to its success was holding the event from 3pm to 9pm, so that families could enjoy watching the event before heading out to bask in the afternoon and evening sunshine and discuss the marriage of Prince William and Princess Catherine in the company of their neighbours.

Mr Howard, who provided the vintage televisions, a vintage car and the nostalgic music, said: 'We thought holding it later would give people time to get ready for a party after watching it on television.

'Everyone has brought food and it has really brought everyone together.'

Thanks to the nearby Rosebery Road Methodist Church, a long thin row of tables and chairs were put out along the road and once the bunting was stretched across the street, the scene looked very much like the street parties held by a previous generation of royal well-wishers.

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There was even a bucket for donations, destined for the royal couple's chosen charities.

Norwich North MP Chloe Smith dropped by to join the celebrations and said: 'I think this is absolutely fantastic and both Rob and Sally deserve the biggest congratulations of all for organising it and making it go with a real bang. I'm sure everyone here wishes the happy couple all the best.'