Old Catton man sent tax bill for 20 pence

A grandad of three from Old Catton has slammed a 'ridiculous' bill he was sent by the taxman for 20 pence.

David Davies spoke of his bafflement when a letter from HMRC demanding the paltry sum came through his door last Thursday. The 63-year-old who lives on Lodge Farm Drive, said: 'I was more annoyed than anything else.

'People like me pay their tax on a regular basis and this bureaucracy is going on that sends a bill for 20 pence which probably cost a few pounds to send.'

The retired engineer, who works part-time at the Ribs of Beef on Wensum Road, said: 'There has been so much recently about the state of the Inland Revenue.

'The more publicity they get for this type of thing, the more chance there is of getting it right.'

The father of two was first sent a bill 18 months ago for �188.60 for renting out his home while he went travelling. When he was made redundant as an engineer, he bought a motor home with his wife and toured Europe for a year.

The couple rented their house out as an extra source of income and when they returned from their travels, which took them from Spain to Croatia, Mr Davies contacted the tax authorities to declare the money he made from his tenant.

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When he paid the bill for �188.60 to HMRC he did not hear back for 18 months – until he got the statement saying he was 20 pence short.

Mr Davies added: 'Although the amount to pay is small, it will be added to your next statement and you may be charged interest if you pay late.'

He tried to pay the bill by visiting the tax office on Prince of Wales Road and giving them 20p but it was closed.

He said: 'I'm not going to pay, it is a total waste of time.

'It will cost them another �5 to send a statement next year with interest added, which is ridiculous.'

A spokeswoman for HMRC said: 'Tax payers depending on their circumstances do receive statements during the year.

'Any small amounts will automatically be rolled over into the next year.'

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