Old Catton great-grandfather pestered by fraudsters for a year after falling for computer virus scam

A great-grandfather who lost out to computer scammers has been pestered by fraudsters every day for a year as they attempt to get more money from him.

The 71-year-old from Old Catton who does not wish to be named, paid �60 over the phone to a caller who claimed to be from Microsoft, who he thought was fixing his computer.

The great-grandfather-of-three said: 'It is terrible. I can't win.

'They were moving the cursor around on my computer and destroying stuff I had on there.

'They were doing it so quickly.'

He believes they uninstalled his anti-virus programme and then told him there were faults on his computer and he needed the virus software.

He said: 'The first thing they did was to go to this page and looked at how many faults I had.

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'There were hundreds of faults but they were faults they had just put in and it cost me �60.'

The Old Catton man paid with his credit card over the phone and has now changed his bank details, fearing his account will be hacked in to.

'I don't feel safe having money in there,' he said.

But the calls will not stop and the scammers are saying the 'work' they did is now due for renewal.

'I have never heard of anything like it before,' he said. 'I took it all in. I have been on computers for years but they caught me out.

'I sometimes get angry and pick it (the phone) up and tell them I'm going to report it.

'They don't care - they're in India. They must be ripping so many people off.'

The computer virus scam has affected hundreds of people across Norwich in the last few months.

Norfolk Trading Standards are fighting back with a scam awareness month in February.

Their officers will be giving advise on scams in the Millennium Library, Norwich this Saturday from 10am to 12.30pm.

To report a scam Contact Action Fraud on 0300 1232040 or get in touch with Consumer Direct on 08454040506.

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