EDP and Norwich Evening News readers have been giving their tributes to Prince Philip, following his death on Friday.

Here is a selection of some of the comments posted by readers on the EDP and Norwich Evening News Facebook pages.

Richard and Carole Bannister

"He will be sorely missed, a very kind man with a wicked sense of humour, our condolences to Her Majesty the Queen."

Dan Tooke

"The end of an era. Goodbye Prince Phillip, thank you for your service to our country during World War 2 and our Queen."

Patricia Marshall

"RIP Prince Phillip. You served our country very well, thank you. My thoughts, condolences and prayers go out to our Queen and her family at this very sad time."

Bertie Hibberd

"Thank you for your service to our country sir, may you rest in peace."

Hilary Davies

"Wonderful man, very un pc at times and we loved him for it!"

Anthony Cullen

"Rip HRH thank you for everything you did for our country may you sleep now at peace."

Rosemarie Jessop

"RIP Prince Philip. An extraordinary man who served his country and the Queen for 70 years. He had many achievements including the Duke of Edinburgh Awards that helped and encouraged young people.

"I guess it’s a generation thing, we certainly know how much he did.

"He never liked “a fuss” and wasn’t afraid to speak his mind. Poor Queen, what an awful year."

Dave Walton

"A lady has lost her husband of many years. Four children have lost their father and many more have lost their grandfather and great grandfather.

"R.I.P Phillip so sad you didn't get to 100."

Judi Timbers

"Sad news - thanks for the special part you played. Not an easy task - and poor Elizabeth losing that lifelong support/presence xx"

Kelly Jessup

"So sad, may he now rest in peace. Thinking of our dear Queen and the Royal family."

Jayne Osborne

"God bless you wonderful man RIP."

James Long

"Despite the way he was after leaving hospital, I still felt he would make 100. Like anyone of that age, sad for the Queen that she’s lost her spouse of a very long time (73 years). He was the (prince) consort for a record 69 years as well."

Julie Bones

"I do despair at some of the royals' antics but I have met the Queen, Prince Philip and Prince Charles. They were lovely - chatty and a pleasure to meet...I think our Queen is wonderful - she has been a true example of honour and devotion to her country her entire life. The prince has been at her side since they married in 1947.

"The loss of Prince Philip will no doubt be as painful for the royal family as the loss of my parents were to me. We must retain some human dignity and be compassionate in life."

John Stevenson

"He had a fabulous way of upsetting people just when they needed it! Whether you’re a royalist or not he will be greatly missed by most."

Justin Heraz

"RIP. It will be strange to have a royal funeral without crowds of people lining the streets because of the 30 rule. This is a royal who deserves a royal send off."

Roger Bartram

"A remarkable servant to Queen and country. May he rest in peace."

Samantha Kerton

"My sincere condolences to the Queen and the rest of the royal family."

Mandy Thomas

"God bless him, and may the Queen take solace in the fact they lived a full and happy life together. He was her true hero."

Kelly Jessup

"So sad, may he now rest in peace. Thinking of our dear Queen and the Royal family."

Philip Bray

"May he rest peacefully 99 years old going to a better place now."

David Makin

"End of an era."