City community group's Big Give event donates to local people in need

Volunteers with the NR2 Big Christmas Give in Norwich.

Volunteers with the NR2 Big Christmas Give in Norwich. - Credit: Natasha Harpley

A community group in Norwich has donated food and essential items to foodbanks and charities around the county.

On Saturday, the NR2 Big Christmas Give donated food and drink, toys and gifts to causes including Great Yarmouth food bank, domestic abuse charity Leeway, Archway hostel in NR2 and a refugee group in Norwich.

The event has been held since 2015, with summer gives also organised and one in 2020 during the first lockdown for NHS staff.

Claire Read, who co-organised the event with Lynda Groves, said they had donated roughly 50 to 60 crates of food.

They are helped to collect donations by Avenue Junior School in the city, which allows them to use its playground and an outdoor classroom as a space for people to drop goods off.

The team works with the foodbank to identify most-needed items, including tinned food, custard and cereal, as well as items of clothing.

For more information, visit @nr2biggive on Twitter.