Norwich yoga teacher helps you relax after work

As yoga teacher Kerry Radley prepares to launch a new after-work de-stressing class in Norwich, Abigail Saltmarsh finds out more.

It has been 15 years now since Kerry Radley first started practising yoga.

Now, not only is she helping others as she was helped herself, but she is one of the few teachers in the county who is a member of the British Wheel of Yoga, as both an adults' and children's teacher.

Kerry, 38, from Salhouse, is soon to launch a new 'de-stressing' yoga class in Norwich. The aim, she explained, is for people to drop in on their way home and to release the tensions they might have built up during the day.

'The idea is to help people learn to relax,' she explained. 'Yoga is a great way of de-stressing after work, so this could be really beneficial to a lot of people.'

She continued: 'The class is on a Monday so it could also help people get back on form after the weekend, as well as to help with body shape, strength and flexibility.'

Mother-of-three Kerry has herself found new energy through yoga. It has helped her to deal with a range of physical and emotional issues in her life.

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She first started attending classes at Sprowston High when she worked in cable TV in her early 20s. Following the birth of her first two children, she became a full-time mother and began to consider making a career from the practice.

'My mother practised yoga for many years. When I started doing it I realised how much I enjoyed it and how good it could make me feel,' she said.

'When I was 23, my mother died and then I suffered from post-natal depression. Doing yoga helped me to get through that very difficult time by calming my mind.'

Kerry also suffered from arthritis in her hands, and found this was also eased by the yoga.

'I had constantly swollen and blue hands, and was taking anti-inflammatory medication,' she said. 'The yoga was very beneficial. It helped me to stop taking the medicine and made me much stronger.'

Once she had decided she wanted to teach, Kerry began working with Johnny Fincham, at the Reiyukai Centre, in Norwich. She qualified as a dynamic yoga teacher and also trained weekly with British Wheel of Yoga's Lynne Adamson.

'But I knew I wanted to train even deeper, so looked around for a British Wheel of Yoga Diploma course tutor, and found Vonnie Bloom, author of Stretch for Health,' remembered Kerry. 'I attended her advanced class every Wednesday for a two-hour session from then on. She knew I was very keen to learn and always pushed me.'

Five hundred hours of yoga later, and having studied anatomy and physiology, asana (yoga positions) and pranayama (breathing control), as well as Eastern history and philosophy, class management and first aid, she qualified.

Then, having achieved such a high teaching level, she decided to follow it up with the British Wheel of Yoga's certification to teach children.

'I did this course with Michelle Cheesbrough, author of Helping Children with Yoga,' she said. 'This opened my eyes to the power yoga has over children. They love it – it is loud and fast, and includes games, singing and craftwork.

'The kids learn balance and about respecting others, as well as body control, diet and silence. It can help them in their relationships at home and school, as well as to reduce stress. But they don't even know this is happening; they just have fun.'

Over the years, Kerry has worked with many different teachers, and taught all sorts of groups in Norwich. She has worked with staff from the Norfolk Chamber of Commerce, schoolchildren and people with a range of health issues. 'People come to me for different reasons – stress, ill health, shyness, weight problems and much more. I must say this is what I love about the practice, whether it is seeing someone's body change shape or people gain strength in mind and body.'

Kerry teaches Hatha Yoga, a mixture of different styles and techniques.

She also teaches Yoga Nidra, which helps people attain a deeply relaxed state.

'This can help with over-active minds, particularly people suffering from anxiety, depression, sleep disorders and other problems,' she said.

The new after-work class will begin on Monday, August 1, and will run from 6pm to 7.30pm every week. People of all abilities are being encouraged to go along to find out more.

'Don't worry about being flexible or not very strong – that will all come over time,' she said.

'My classes are designed around working with the breath to lead each move, and building strength first then flexibility.

'They are about learning to channel the mind when you are having a hard or stressful time – my classes are about learning the tools.'

For more information call 01603 784708 or 07747 014164, or visit or email