Norwich: Yo! Sushi

Yo! Sushi

Yo! Sushi - Credit: Archant

If you are looking for somewhere a little bit different to take the kids for food – then look no further than Yo! Sushi, writes RACHEL BULLER.

Ever since Yo! Sushi opened in Norwich, my six-year-old son has had his nose pressed to the glass whenever we walk past.

It isn't the thought of Japanese food which excites him but the conveyor belt - and as I quickly realised when we finally got round to going a few weeks ago, a conveyor belt is a great way of getting even the fussiest of children to try new foods.

No matter what your age, Yo! Sushi is a really great fun place to eat and it is impossible not be cheered up by the bright lights and neon colours, the quirky service style and of course the interesting looking food.

We take our seats at the bar, perched on high stools in a row, (the two boys sandwiched away from mischief between us) and after a brief introduction by the very friendly waiter, we started picking a few dishes.

For anyone who hasn't been to Yo! Sushi before, the concept is simple – you select any cold dishes which take your fancy from the conveyor belt, with different colours signifying different prices, or you can order hot dishes from the menu. Or like us, you can mix and match.

There is a great choice on the menu including noodles, curry and rice and just like the cold dishes they are all colour coded according to price – from £1.80 to £5.

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We begin by choosing some sushi from the belt including the Sashimi tuna and salmon; the Nigiri, rice topped with seared rare beef, and the Iso – with rice on the outside of the seaweed rolls – the classic Japanese fried salmon skin filling was delicious, crispy and salty and very morish.

We let the boys pick some things as well – although our three year old wasn't so keen on the raw fish.

From the hot menu we ordered another selection of the dishes to share.

The Katsu chicken (crispy fried chicken in Japanese breadcrumbs with a curry sauce) was delicious, and we ended up ordering more as the boys loved it so much. The chicken Teriyaki chicken was sweet and sticky and the Yakisoba noodles were also very tasty and not too spicy. My husband and I also ordered some vegetable firecracker rice just for us – which certainly lived up to its name.

The variety on the menu is excellent and there are plenty of vegetarian options covering most dishes.

One of the nice things about taking children out to eat is letting them experience new things and there is plenty to get them excited about the food.

There is soy sauce and wasabi on the counter to use, chopsticks of different sizes and mini sparkling and still water taps which you help yourself to, for which you are just charged £1 each for the glass.

Our six year old loved trying the wasabi and we had to wrestle the soy sauce from our three year old who wanted to dip everything in it.

It is not just sushi going round on the conveyor belt, there are also unusual looking desserts just waiting to be picked up.

The boys chose a fresh fruit salad (£3) and chocolate Mochi (£3.50) – soft Japanese rice cake balls filled with chocolate ganache. These had the strangest texture of any dessert I have ever tried, yet the boys couldn't get enough of them and we barely got a look in.

Be aware that all those dishes mount up – still for four of us – we spent just over £40, which is pretty good for dinner out. Also we probably didn't need quite as many sushi dishes as we thought!

Yo! Sushi is lots of fun, informal and the food is delicious – and it is perfect whether you want a family tea, a quick inexpensive lunch or even a romantic dinner.

There is something on the menu to tempt even the fussiest of eaters – and it is a reminder that Japanese food does not just mean raw fish.


Chaplefield Plain



01603 294833

Open: Mon-Sat 11.30am-10pm, Sun 11am-9.30pm

Price: Dishes start at £1.80

Vegetarian options: Good selection

Wheelchair access: Yes