Norwich wrestling legend's teenagers in the ring

David BaleA Norwich wrestling legend's two teenage children are both hitting the heights in the ring - along with the rest of the family.David Bale

A Norwich wrestling legend's two teenage children are both hitting the heights in the ring - along with the rest of the family.

Sweet Saraya's children, Saraya, 17, and Zak 'Zodiac', 18, are both on the bill at the Talk nightclub in Norwich on Sunday alongside mum, dad 'Rowdy' Ricky Knight, and sisters Nikki, who fights as Nikki Best and Sarayajade, who fights as Britani Knight.

The Knights' other son Roy, who is known as the Zebra Kid, has also been a success in the ring, whilst another son, Asa, referees.

Saraya and Zak could soon be wrestling in the US and Japan, where both have attracted interest, so Sunday could be Zak's last bout in Norwich.

Mr Knight, 57, from Stannard Road, off Colman Road, Norwich, said: 'Zak has wanted to wrestle in America ever since he was three years old, but he's had to train every day to make it.

'Both of the kids have had to give up a lot to be where they are now. They have not been able to go nightclubbing every night.

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'So, while teenagers they used to know are still standing on street corners, drinking and drugs now, they are going up in the world.

'I think it sets a good example, and should be an inspiration to other teenagers, that you can make a go of it. Wrestling does come in for a lot of stick, but it can be a way forward.'

Sweet Saraya, 38, real name Julia Knight, said: 'We are so proud of both of them. They are two of the most sought-after teenage wrestlers in the world.'

Zak, who is the British light heavyweight champion and was voted by fans Wrestler of the Year in 2009, is now looking for sponsorship to go to America.

Saraya, who holds four championship belts as British and European Champion, said: 'I have had to give up a lot of stuff to do training, but it's all worth it in the long run. Most of my friends have got babies by now, whilst I'm jet-setting across the world wrestling.'

Saraya's boyfriend, a Norwegian wrestler whose real name is Erik but who fights as Arons Frost, is fighting Zak at the Talk on Sunday.

Saraya and Zak have a lot to live up to as their mother has won every major female title in England, was British champion five times, French champion and Nigerian champion.

The Knight dynasty of wrestlers also pops up regularly on television, radio and in print.

On TV they have been guests of Norfolk's very own Tricia as well as Jerry Springer, Esther Kilroy and The Wright Stuff.

If you can help with Zak's sponsorship, ring the family on 01603 506333.

They are performing at the Talk in Oak Street at 7pm on Sunday. For tickets and more information, ring the same number.

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