Workers surprised by fireworks in city over lunchtime

A general view of Ber Street in Norwich

One city worker said he saw fireworks in Ber Street, Norwich - Credit: Kate Wolstenholme

City folk were left shocked after hearing fireworks during the lunchtime rush in Norwich.

Loud bangs could be heard from across the city, including in Ber Street and Thorpe Road, just before noon on Tuesday (July 26).

Josh Trett, founder of Trett Films who works in Ber Street, said: "I heard what I thought could be a car backfiring outside but when the banging continued I looked out the window.

Josh Trett saw the fireworks

Josh Trett saw the fireworks - Credit: Supplied

"I was surprised to see fireworks coming out near Skipper House in Ber Street."

Another witness said he felt it was a "very strange time" for fireworks to be let off.

He said: "It probably went on for about a minute and it all felt very strange.

"It sounded like they were coming from the train station or the Lower Clarence Road area but that might be due to the acoustics in our area.

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"I'd be very interested to know if this was deliberate."

The noise led to some reaction on Twitter, with one user tweeting: "Lunchtime fireworks anyone? You do you Norwich"

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