Norwich women the best of pals - thanks to Noel Edmonds

David BaleTwo Norwich women, who met thanks to a daytime television game show, have become such good friends that one has invited the other to her wedding.David Bale

Two Norwich women, who met thanks to a daytime television game show, have become such good friends that one has invited the other to her wedding.

Emily Brown and Caroline Gibbons are both now appearing as contestants on Channel 4's Deal or No Deal, which airs six days a week.

Emily Brown, 29, from Paper Mill Yard, central Norwich, and Caroline, 35, from Adams Road, Sprowston, first met on the train to the game show's TV studios before Christmas and have been mates ever since.

Their friendship has blossomed to such a degree that Emily has asked her new pal to be a guest at her wedding in August.

Hit game show Deal or No Deal is presented by Noel Edmonds and offers 22 players the chance to win up to �250,000, by just opening up one of 22 sealed boxes, and answering the question: deal - or no deal?

Emily, deputy hotel manager at the Beechwood Hotel, in North Walsham, said: 'As a result of appearing together we have become good friends and Caroline will be attending my wedding in August.

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'It is unusual to have two people from the same place on at the same time.'

She said she auditioned for the show because she felt it was an easy way to make money, but said she was not 'overly impressed' with Mr Edmonds.

She said: 'He's all right but I don't think he was that sincere.'

She also has problems watching herself on TV.

'I find it cringeworthy and I have to hide behind the sofa,' she added.

Caroline, who is a mother-of-two and a chef with St Martin's Housing Trust, said: 'We met on the train from London to Bristol, which is where it was filmed. We just clicked. The programme is filmed in two week blocks and we kept in touch.

'Noel's okay and he was lovely to me on the show, and very professional. It's a bit weird having two people from Norwich on the same show and then going on to develop a very good friendship.'

Viewers will find out how much money Emily and Caroline won next week. Caroline's game airs on Tuesday and Emily will be the star of the show two days later.

The women will find how much money they have won on the show, if any, next week -Ms Gibbons on Tuesday, April 20 and Miss Brown two days later.

They could not reveal how much they had won, but said they walked away with very different sums of money.

On the Deal or No Deal website page, Emily claims that her interesting fact is that while she does not claim to be psychic, she is a target for people who are.

She said: 'After I got engaged to Aaron a guest approached me in a hotel and said I had 'wedding bells in my eyes'.

'He also mentioned that despite going through so much in my past, I was in for a prosperous future. Spookily I received a call inviting me onto the show only a few weeks later.'

On the same website page, Caroline claims she has a completely irrational fear of werewolves, although she cannot explain her phobia.

She said: 'I don't like anything that changes and am therefore also terrified of the Incredible Hulk. If Noel was to put on a werewolf mask on, I'd have no choice but to run.'

A spokeswoman for Deal or No Deal said they were pleased that the two women had remained friends.

She added: 'Deal or No Deal is all about the people. Caroline and Emily's friendship indicates how close bonds can form when a group of contestants are thrown together with a common goal. We are all overjoyed to hear that Caroline and Emily have remained such good friends since leaving us and we wish both of them all the very best in the future.'

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