Norwich woman wants a new look after six years in New Zealand

A new way of life requires a new look for reader Lesley Munday. Emma Harrowing shows her how she can get a style that suits her.

After spending six years living in New Zealand, 61-year old Lesley Munday and her husband have come back to Norwich to start a new life.

'Our neighbour moved to New Zealand to set up a winery and we were invited over their to help him make his first wine,' says Lesley.

'We planned to go over there for a six-week holiday, but ended up staying for six years.

'I was born in Scotland, but my husband is from Norfolk. He worked in the RAF so we are used to travelling around.'

New Zealand became the Munday's home. Lesley worked as a teacher for children with special needs and quickly began to adjust to her new way of life.

'It was when my husband had to have a heart operation last year and my mother started to lose her eyesight that we decided it was time to head home,' says Lesley.

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'I also have grandchildren that I have hardly seen. We had a good time in New Zealand, but living thousands of miles away meant that we missed our family.'

Coming back to a city that they had left six years before seemed like it would be easy, but for Lesley it seemed as if everything had moved on.

'Most of the shops have changed so much and some aren't here any more,' says Lesley.

'Even the women in Norwich dress differently to those in New Zealand.

'Women in New Zealand love wearing black and so I wore black a lot.

'This was great for me as I feel that black hides a multitude of sins and it is easy to wear, but now that I am back in Norwich I want to inject a bit of colour into my look.'

To help Lesley regain her style, fashion advisors, hair stylists and make-up artists at Jarrold are on hand to give Lesley a new-look fit for Norwich in 2012.

Clothes from Jarrold, hair by Regis in Jarrold and make-up by Benefit in Jarrold.