Norwich woman sues N&N for 'botched' breast op

Kim BriscoeA Norwich woman has filed a lawsuit against a hospital after she claimed they botched her breast reconstruction surgery.Kim Briscoe

A Norwich woman has filed a lawsuit against a hospital after she claimed they botched her breast reconstruction surgery.

The breast cancer sufferer had a mastectomy in 2006 at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital (N&N) and says she suffered a range of complications in attempts reconstruct her breast.

Her claim has been filed in the High Court of Justice and she is seeking �50,000 to �100,000 after being left with only one breast for more than 18 months.

She now faces several more operations.

In a statement given to the Evening News, the N&N said its plastic surgery department was 'world-class' and many patients undergoing breast reconstruction were delighted with the outcome.

Beverley Webb, 48, of Cotman Fields, claims that had an operation in July 2007 been performed to an acceptable standard, she would not have needed further surgery and subsequently suffered a rupture of her surgical wound.

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Miss Webb, who had breast implants before she was diagnosed with cancer, also claims that following the rupture she should have been given the option of keeping the reconstructive implant as there was no evidence that it was infected.

The claim says the events 'have had an enormous adverse impact upon her physical and psychological state' and that her relationships have been affected.

A spokesman for the hospital said: 'Over 150 people have surgery at our hospital each day and patients are seen at pre-assessment clinics where they are given information about the best way to aid recovery, in addition to advice directly from the clinical team providing their care.

'All patients are expected to take responsibility for their recovery by following medical advice, including stopping smoking, in order to facilitate wound healing and achieve the best outcome.

'We take an immense pride in the world-class plastic surgery offered…and many patients undergoing breast reconstruction write to us to say they are delighted with the outcome.

'We are aware that court proceedings have been issued in this case and we are contesting the case, which will be handled by the NHS Litigation Authority on our behalf as we are a member of the Clinical Negligence Scheme for Trusts (CNST).'

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