Norwich woman’s new look deserves an award

It's coming up to the party season and with many special occasions on the horizon you'll need a glamorous outfit. Emma Harrowing shows Pippa Redmond how to get an evening look that suits her.

By day Pippa Redmond from Norwich works alongside her husband Mark at their printing business based at Thorpe St Andrew. As with many people who work, 50 year old Pippa is looking forward to the festive season when party invites start flooding in and you get the opportunity to dress up in your finest attire. For many of us this will involve the work Christmas party or a festive feast with friends, to Pippa however, it also means attending a black tie awards ceremony.

'We work with the Norfolk Tourism Awards to celebrate the many businesses that make Norfolk an attractive place for visitors,' says Pippa. 'This year's awards are being held at Carrow Road on November 23 and I just do not know what to wear.

'Usually I think I look fine but then on the photographs from the night I think I look horrendous! It would be nice to look and feel glamorous.'


The Norfolk Tourism Awards are sponsored by our sister paper the Eastern Daily Press and it's a very stylish affair with men wearing tuxedos or suits and women wearing evening wear from beaded cocktail dresses to elegant maxi dresses. To help Pippa feel like she is the belle of the ball, John Lewis fashion advisor Anne gives her some tips on the styles and colours that suit her.

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'Pippa has a lovely figure with wide shoulders which are balanced with her hips and a neat little waist,' says Anne. 'At the moment Pippa tends to hide her figure under straighter baggy styles which can make her look bigger than she actually is. By opting for a more fitted, tailored dress she will be showing off her figure making her look a lot better.'

Anne chooses a fitted Emerald green dress as the coolness of the colour suits Pippa's cool skin tone. The dress has an empire line that draws Pippa in at her slimmest part - her waist. By accessorising the dress with a statement feather shrug, a pair of patent black heels, a black patent clutch and a Emerald stone necklace, the overall look gives the wow factor Pippa craves for.


It's time to give Pippa's hair a little bit of sparkle to go with her new evening look. Hair stylists Norma and Sarah at Kinki Boutique on Castle Street are on hand to give Pippa some advice.

Norma says: 'The red colour that is currently in Pippa's hair is too warm for her complexion. So I'm going to add a cooler brown colour to her hair and add a few highlights and lo-lights to break up the colour. These cooler colours will flatter Pippa's colouring so that she will instantly look radiant.'

Sarah adds: 'For the cut I'm going to break up the layers a bit especially at the back and around Pippa's face as at the moment the style seems to swamp her petite facial features. I'm also going to get rid of the side parting so that Pippa has a more textured style. This will make it easier for her to style at home.'


Pippa rarely wears make-up so for an evening look that suits her Clarins consultant Louise in John Lewis advises that Pippa goes for a natural glamour look. The look will give Pippa a natural smokey eye, with flawless dewy skin and a natural lip.

The verdict

Pippa says: 'I'm amazed at how glamorous I look. The dress isn't something I would have looked twice at but it fits me perfectly and is so comfortable to wear. I never wear make-up but this feels light on my skin and looks natural, it also goes well with my new look. My hair is the most amazing part - I love it! I have never gone darker before but I think that this colour is here to stay. I'm going to wear this look for the awards at the end of the month - I can't wait!'