Norwich woman’s Christmas wish is to look like Katy Perry

It is Abigail Craig's dream to steal the style of her pop icon Katy Perry. Emma Harrowing helps her get the look.

Getting the look of your favourite celebrity is probably high on every girl's wish-list this Christmas. For Life Matters reader Abigail Craig, from Norwich, her wish to steal the style of singer Katy Perry is a teenage dream that Life Matters makes come true.

'I love Katy Perry's style as she is so experimental in what she wears – she's not afraid of mixing prints or colours and has a rock chick look that I love,' says 23-year-old Abigail.

'I would love to have the confidence to wear what I wanted.'

Abigail's love of Katy Perry's style began when she was at university in Essex. It was 2008 and Katy was beginning to make strides on the pop scene. Abigail was dating her now husband Richard and Katy Perry's songs marked the start of their love story.

Says Abigail: 'When I listen to Katy Perry's earlier songs they remind me of when I first met Rich – so it's not just her look that I admire!'

Abigail works for social services at Lowestoft and commutes to work from Norwich by train. Therefore she needs a look that is easy to re-create in the morning, can be vamped up in the evening and is still influenced by Katy Perry's style.

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To help Abigail shake up her look, Outfit at Riverside Retail Park gives her �100 to spend on a new look. To help her pick items that are inspired by Abigail's pop icon Katy Perry, Emma at Outfit gives Abigail a few styling tips.

Emma says: 'Katy Perry loves experimenting with her look so this winter's mixed prints and textures look is ideal. The colour pop look that was popular in summer, and which is also on-trend this winter by mixing blue and mustard or orange and pink to create a clash, will also give you a look Katy Perry would probably wear.'

At the moment Abigail tends to stick to a tried-and-trusted look. She has a varied wardrobe, wearing skirts, dresses and jeans, but when it comes to mixing and matching patterns and colours she reaches a style crisis.

Abigail is like many women – she wants to experiment with her look, but she doesn't know where to start.

Says Abigail: 'Looking at the rail of clothes Emma has chosen there are many items that I have always wanted to wear but never thought that I would get away with.'

One of the items is a pair of black velvet shorts, which Abigail loves but doesn't think that they would be a good look for her. By teaming them with a pair of plain black opaque tights, a high-neck top and a pair of brogues, loafers or mid-heel wedges, the look is instantly wearable and certainly suits Abigail's shape.

From all the outfits, we pick a leopard-print body-con tunic dress teamed with a leather biker jacket, a pair of sky-scraper heels and nude tights with a quirky heart print on them. The look mixes different textures and patterns for a rock-chick look that is inspired by Katy Perry.


Katy Perry has experimented with her hairstyle and colour as well as her fashion and Abigail longs to have the pink-coloured locks Katy sported a few months ago. However, due to the nature of her job she needs to keep the colour of her hair looking natural. It's down to Saks hair stylist Danielle to give Abigail a Katy Perry-inspired look.

Danielle says: 'Katy Perry's hair is usually a rich dark chocolate brown colour verging on black so I'm going to re-create this colour on Abigail by getting rid of her red hair.

'As Abigail needs a more conservative style for work I'm going to cut her hair into a bob which can be worn sleek and smart for work. To show Abigail how she can change her hair to a style inspired by Katy Perry, I'm going to finger-wave her hair and pull it over to the side at the front to create a side fringe. This is a look that Katy Perry has on the hair-straightener adverts this Christmas.'

To create finger waves, Danielle takes an inch section of hair and, starting from the root, pulls a pair of hair-straighteners along the section, turning the straighteners up and down as she slowly pulls through the hair. This technique is repeated over the whole head. The side fringe is put in my parting the hair on the side and finger-curling the front section so that it creates the illusion of a fringe.


To complete Abigail's Katy Perry transformation, Rachael at Art Deco in Jarrold creates a Katy Perry-inspired look with a flawless face that is heavy on the eyes and has a bright lip.

Get Abigail's look

For the base

After cleansing and moisturising your skin, use a primer to mattify the skin. The primer also makes your base last longer and reduces that amount of foundation you need to use as it creates the perfect base to apply make-up.

Find a foundation shade that matches your skin tone and apply with a brush starting from the centre of your face and blending outwards towards your hairline.

Next use a concealer to cover any blemishes, redness or dark circles.

Set your base with a mineral based powder.

For the cheeks

Add colour and contour your face with a little bit of bronzer. Start at the corner of your mouth and with a brush swept the bronzer up towards the top of your ear. Blend along your cheekbones.

For the eyes

Create Katy Perry's smoky eye by applying a light beige eye colour over your eyelid with a brush. Next apply the mid-brown colour over the top and blend with a brush. Finally use a dark eye colour along your socket line from the outer edge or your eyelid to the centre of your eyelid and blend into the outer corner of your eyelid.

Next apply black liquid eyeliner along your top lash line. Keep as close to you lashes as possible and apply from the corner or your eye to the outer edge. Make the line thicker as it gets to the outer edge.

Finish the lashes with a coat of mascara.

Complete your eyes by defining your eyebrows with a dark brown brow powder.

For the lips

Katy Perry loves having brightly- coloured lips so go for a bright red to complement your neutral eyes. First apply a red lip liner to outline your lips and brush over your lips with the liner as this will help your lip colour last longer. Finish the lips with a coat of red lipstick.

The verdict

Abigail says: 'My makeover day has been amazing! I got to experiment with clothes that I have always liked but never thought that I could wear – and it turns out that I look good in them! I love my hair and, although I'm not too sure if I can re-create the finger-curl style by myself, it's good to know that I can dress up my hair when I'm not working. I love my make-up – I cannot believe that this is me! The whole look is amazing, I definitely feel like I have a look inspired by Katy Perry.'