Norwich woman gets a new look to meet the Queen

Julie Dwyer from Norwich has been invited to the Jubilee garden party at Sandringham next week. Emma Harrowing helps her find a look fit for Royalty.

When 53-year-old Julie Dwyer from Woodward Road opened her post earlier this year she was intrigued by an envelope sealed with the Royal crest.

'I thought someone was playing a practical joke on me,' says Julie. 'Even when I started to read the letter inviting me to the Queen's Jubilee garden party at Sandringham I thought someone was pulling my leg – turns out that it is 100pc real!'

Julie works as a Deaf Community Support worker for Deaf Connexions. Being profoundly deaf herself, Julie says that she lives somewhere between the deaf and hearing world, being able to communicate to all.

'I can lip read so I can lead a 'normal' life and I know sign language so I can provide a link between those that can hear and those that can not,' says Julie. 'As I was born deaf this is what is 'normal' for me so I don't miss sounds as I don't know what sound is like!'

Julie's boss nominated her for a place at the Queen's Jubilee garden party which takes place next Tuesday, June 12 in Sandringham because of the work she has done for the deaf community over the years.

Julie says: 'I have organised many fundraising events at the Deaf Centre over the years to raise money for different charities such as Red Nose Day, Children in Need, Breast Cancer Awareness and Rotary House to name a few. In fact I have been in the Evening News over the years because of my fundraising! The problem is that I have no idea what to wear or what will suit me. I need to wear a formal dress with a hat, but I'm not a hat person and I rarely wear a dress – I'm a bit worried about what to wear for the Queen.'

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At the moment Julie is on sick leave due to depression so Life Matters aims to not only to find Julie a dress that will make her feel the belle of the Jubilee ball, but also give her a lift like she has given so many other people.


Finding a dress can be a challenge. Sometimes the top half of the dress will fit perfectly but the bottom will be too big or the bottom will look great but the top half will bag out in the wrong places. With an apple-shape body and a large bust, Julie finds getting a dress to suit her a bit of a task so Debenhams personal shopper Helen is on hand to offer some advice.

'This season there are a lot of shift-style dresses around and these tailored styles suit most body shapes,' says Helen. 'For those that are conscience of their tummy area, like Julie, a bold all-over pattern can hide the bits you don't like. Julie has a great pair of legs so a dress that falls just above her knee is perfect for her.'

Helen teams the floral shift dress with navy accessories to pull the look together – a satin clutch bag, matching shoes and a fascinator which is a great alternative if, like Julie, you dislike hats.


Julie has naturally curly hair and her brown locks have gradually turned a shade of silvery grey over the years. Nigel Alexandre hair stylist Teresa is on hand to make her hair her crowning glory.

'Adding colour to grey hair can make your hair appointments more expensive as it takes a lot to keep on top of those grey roots as your hair grows, therefore I'm going to put highlights through Julie's hair which will combine with the grey to give her an easy to manage colour,' says Teresa.

'I'm going to put through three colours – a caramel, bleach blonde and a warm chocolate brown to give a natural look to Julie's hair.

'For the cut I'm going to cut away a lot of the length to create a classic bob shape. Adding layers will make it easier for Julie to style her hair when curly – but for this makeover I'm going to blow dry her hair straight to give her a different look.'


To complete Julie's queen of makeovers, Chanel beauty consultants Katie and Michelle are on hand to give Julie a fresh new look.

'As Julie is wearing a bright outfit for the Queen's garden party keeping her make-up pretty and neutral will give her a polished look,' says Michelle.

'Julie says she suffers from eczema on her face so I'm going to use a gentle Chanel foundation on her skin that is in between a tinted moisturiser and a foundation. This will give her skin an even and flawless look.'

Before Julie's makeover transformation, Katie cleanses and moisturises her skin. Here's how to get Julie's look:

For your base: After cleansing and moisturising your skin use a foundation that matches your skin colour and suits your skin type and apply to your face using your fingertips or a brush. Set with a loose powder. For your eyes: Julie has blue eyes so brown eye colours are used to make her eye colour pop. First apply a light beige eye colour over your lid up to your brow bone. Then use a brown eyeliner pencil and apply along your top lash line. Smudge over the line with a brown powder eye shadow, taking the line up around the outer edge of the eyelid and along the eye socket. Blend to create a subtle smokey eye. Finish with a coat of brown mascara.

For your cheeks: Create a natural Royal flush with a touch of pink blusher. Apply powder blusher to the apples of your cheeks with a brush and blend upwards and outwards until you have subtle colour to your cheeks.

For your lips: Finish the look with pink lips to match the colour of your cheeks. First line your lips with a pink lip liner, then fill in your lips with lipstick before applying a pink gloss over the top.

The verdict

Julie says: 'I cannot believe that this is me! I haven't had my hair coloured for years and it looks great. I usually wear black and white but this blue floral dress looks so stylish and it even has my favourite flower the lily on it! The make-up has made a real difference to my skin. For once it looks totally flawless and so natural. I definitely feel ready to meet the Queen.'