Reservoir swans - Rescuer gets muddy to help birds

Swan rescue

Kevin Murphy had a muddy rescue to bring two mute swans out of a Norwich resevoir. - Credit: Kevin Murphy

A Norwich wildlife rescuer braved the mud to rescue a pair of swans from a drained reservoir.

Kevin Murphy received a call at 10am on Friday from contractors working at the Anglian Water reservoir, on Waterworks Road, Norwich. 

He donned a wet suit and headed down a steep slope to pick up the birds one at a time which were covered in mud.

He approached the first bird and was able to hold it under his arm to stop it flapping its wings, but not without a wing catching him on the knee.

The bird was safely secured under fishing net while he retrieved the second swan.

The second rescue saw his boots become stuck in the mud, after taking his shoes off he caught the bird and walked up the embankment barefoot.

The birds were hosed down and taken to the river.

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He said; "There were two mute swans and they had flown in as there is usually water there and landed. They were muddy but it would wash off. It took 90 minutes from turning up, going down and realising them on the river."