Norwich upcycling expert David Todd showing off his transformations at city centre exhibition

David Todd. Photo: Matt Colley

David Todd. Photo: Matt Colley - Credit: Matt Colley

A talented Norwich craftsman has battled hardship and disability to build his own upcycling' business from the ground up.

An example of David Todd's work. Photo: Matt Colley

An example of David Todd's work. Photo: Matt Colley - Credit: Matt Colley

David Todd, 38, from Hatton Road, wanted to combine his passion for design with a desire to help both the environment and future generations.

Mr Todd, who has a five-year-old daughter called Maia and lives with his partner Espe, said: 'When I look around me and see how much is wasted, it really saddens me.

'Since I suffered a spinal injury in 2011 I have not been able to hold down a full-time job due to the pain and immobility, and my partner and I have found it challenging to provide for our young daughter.'

But he was struck by inspiration after struggling to come to terms with his condition.

An example of David Todd's work. Photo: Matt Colley

An example of David Todd's work. Photo: Matt Colley - Credit: Matt Colley

He added: 'I've always been quite creative and good with my hands and I spent a number of years working as an interior designer.

'I decided that I wanted to try to overcome my limitations by investing myself in something that was not only productive and aesthetically pleasing, but also gave something back to both my local community and the planet in general.'

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The craftsman creates unique designs, which link form and function, from discarded items.

As well as creating pieces of his own he accepts commissions to create works from items of a customer's own choosing.

Mr Todd has also given lessons and workshops at local schools to encourage youngsters to create useful and beautiful objects from old items and materials.

He will exhibit his recent work at the Inside the Box exhibition at The Forum on Friday December 8 and Saturday December 9.

Inside the Box has been curated by local interior designer and artist Agnieszka Siwonia.

All the artists involved in the public display share a passion for working with sustainable products and the promotion of upcycling.

Fans of Mr Todd's work will be able to attend an extra event at Studio20Norwich on Wensum Street, Norwich, on Wednesday December 13.

He will be exhibiting his work and discussing how creativity helped him to focus his frustrations of disability and chronic pain into a positive therapeutic exercise.