Norwich trio set for fitness and lifestyle makeover

Nuffield Health aims to get three Evening News readers fit and healthy for 2013. Amy Woodyatt and he

Nuffield Health aims to get three Evening News readers fit and healthy for 2013. Amy Woodyatt and her fitness partner ex-Norwich City Football player Iwan Roberts. Photo: Bill Smith. - Credit: Bill Smith - Archant

If you joined a gym in January and already you have given up on your new fitness regime maybe this will give you the inspiration to get active. Emma Harrowing meets the three winners of the Nuffield Health Challenge as they embark on the first part of their lifestyle change.

Last month we ran a competition to find three readers who would like to get fit and improve their health. This wasn't any ordinary fitness contest, entrants needed to prove that they want to change their lifestyle for good and are not just looking for a quick fix. The aim is to show you how by incorporating fitness into your day to day life forever you can improve your overall health and wellbeing.

Too many of us fall into the trap of signing up to the gym believing that we will get fit, but then finding ourselves not going for one reason or another even though we are still paying for the privilege. It's time to stop and think about how you can include activity into your lives each day so that exercise is easier to stick to and you don't end up resorting back to being a couch potato and wasting money to boot.

To help you on your way to a healthier way of life, Nuffield Health has chosen three winners from our fitness competition. Each will have a fitness partner to help them incorporate fitness and wellbeing into their lives and for the next three months we are going to follow them on their journey.

Grant Ewens general manager at Nuffield Health warns that this is not going to be an easy process.

'Each of the three winners are going to have to work hard to improve their fitness and stay motivated,' says Grant. 'We can provide all the support they need and they will also have their fitness partners who they can turn to as they change their lifestyle.'

At the end of the three months those that have improved their overall health will receive a further 12 month free membership to the club.

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Meet the winners and their fitness partners.

Amy Woodyatt, 31, from North Norwich.

Amy says: 'I do a lot of socialising and so I don't find there is a lot of time to go to the gym. I really want to live a healthier lifestyle and I have already done little things such as reduce my daily eight coffees for a few green teas and I have taken up kayaking with a friend. It's a two man kayak so you cannot go out on your own, so even if I feel like I don't want to go out I feel obliged to go as I don't want to let my friend down.

'I think the gym support will work in the same way as the kayak as I would feel obliged to go if I had a mentor. I need motivating although once I'm in 'the zone' I can get very competitive - it's just getting me to the gym that is the hard part!

'While it would be great to lose weight, this is more about introducing regular exercise into my weekly routine. I think regular fitness will also be a stress reliever as I'm always on the go. I don't want to be another New Year fitness junkie who gives up in March.'

Amy's fitness partner is ex-Norwich City footballer Iwan Roberts.

Iwan says: 'I know more than most how challenging it can be to motivate yourself to get fit. When I retired from football my weight ballooned as I was no longer under any a strict fitness regime. I finally realised that I needed to incorporate fitness back into my lifestyle as otherwise I would be 18 stone and very unhealthy. I guess I just came to the gym to get back to fitness. After a couple of weeks I was soon back into the routine and I now make sure I do some sort of physical activity every day. It has become second nature to me.'

Sue Witham, 52, Hellesdon

Sue says: 'A few years ago I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, this news was compounded by the fact that over the last five years I lost two very dear members of my family, one of which was my 20 year old son. I feel that I would benefit immensely from this opportunity to change my lifestyle. It would be great to lose weight and improve my fitness levels.

'It has been many years since I last stepped into a gym and back then it was that typical scenario of being all geared up to get fit, but after a few weeks I would make excuses not to go and I fell back into my old routine.

'I work in a bank and so for the majority of my day I am sitting at a desk. I then go home and sit in front of the television so I hardly have any activity in my day.'

Sue's fitness partner is ex-ballet dancer and Nuffield Health staff member Grace Poole.

Grace says: 'Sue doesn't have to pump it up in the gym to improve her wellbeing as there are many fitness classes from yoga and pilates to body pump and dance that she can take part in. The key is to find activities that you enjoy as this is half the battle when it comes to motivating yourself to go to the gym.'

Carolyn Fair, 59, Barford.

Carolyn says: 'As I'm rapidly approaching 60 I want the chance to change my lifestyle and become healthier. I have eight grandchildren so I want to continue to be active with them. I work full time and I'm usually tired when I get home from work so working on my laptop or watching television is about all I can manage.

'However, I want to change this. I know that I have high cholesterol and high blood pressure so becoming more active may help improve my health and wellbeing no end.'

Carolyn's fitness partner is Sheriff of Norwich John Jennings.

John says: 'I have diabetes but I find that exercising can help improve my way of life no end. At the moment I have quite a busy schedule and being the Sheriff means that I have to go to events during the day and in the evening, however I always find time to go to the gym at least twice or three times a week. I think this is what gives me my get up and go!'

Your Evening News will be following Amy, Sue and Carolyn as they work with their mentors and the staff at Nuffield Health to change their lifestyles for good. Next week you can find out how each of them scored on their initial MOT test and how they got on when they took part in their first session at the gym. You can also follow their progress online where you can post comments of support, ask any of the mentors a question or just find out how you can change your lifestyle to improve your wellbeing and health. Take a look at